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"Live-On-Line" Experiments

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This is a series of experiments with otherkin online live gathers, research/collaboration projects, lectures, classes, discussion groups, chats, Q&A sessions, and workshops over the 'net with specific purposes in mind. For notes on venues and software requirements, please see the Venues page. There is also a Presenters page, for sharing notes on how to run online classes, hints and tricks on how to handle difficult situations that might come up, skills needed to run online classes, etc.


  • Awakening Q&A Sessions - basic intro to otherkinness, terminology, and a question/answer session on kinness {Tuesday/Wednesday(see details)}
  • Host-Multiple Q&A Sessions - basic intro and question/answer session for multiples. {April 5th, 2004}
  • Loving Possibilities of the OtherKind - inhuman sexuality {April 17, 2004}
  • Wiki Use - live tutorial session {April 12, 2004}

What you can do to help:

  1. If you don't find a time that suits you, please let people know what your needs are. Email to kingatheringforum - owners @ (without the spaces) or write directly to the list if you're a member.
  2. If the venues are unsuitable, if you're having problems getting in touch with presenters who are giving chats, etc. please email me.
  3. If you have an topic you'd like to see in an online gather, or want to have group socials, please contact the list or list owner.
  4. If you want to remain anonymous, contact the presenter and you can either discuss your questions in private with them, or come up with an anonymous login for the chat.
  5. You can contribute questions to Q&A sessions ahead of time if you know you won't make it but think that it's pertinent to the discussion and unlikely to be asked by the people attending the session.

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