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A touchy topic for many, it is sometimes too easy to dismiss as the province of the truly messed up who should be locked up. "Not I", many people will say, and very often people don't attempt to gain futher understanding of this issue. It is often ignored and hidden among people searching for legitimacy, much like the wounds and scars themselves often are.

However, the phenomenon is quite real, and all to important to ignore.

Why do people self-injure?

Far from obvious, the cause is often complicated, and multi-layered. There is no one and only agreed upon reason that people engage in self-injury, or "SI". Sometimes, it is an almost shamanic desire to let out, and externalize a pain that is otherwise locked inside, or to rid oneself of a taint they feel they carry within themselves. In other cases, it is the patching up that is the motive. The need for a reason to feel entitled and deserving of self-care, such as the bandaging and disinfecting of the wounds induced by cutting.

Two members of our system used to self-injure, but for very different reasons. For Saturnia it was a release of feelings she had no other way to express. For Shi, it was merely a love of blood and seeing it flow from the body.
~DazzleBerry of the Saturn System

Note from the Others- Self-injury can be related to NOT doing things, eg not drinking water, as a way of regulating intense experiences or avoiding higher matters. If your body is screaming for water, nothing else seems that important. Altered states of consciousness can also be induced by deprivation.

Also, deinfing self-injury within a system can be tricky. Someone might be engaging in painful activities for pleasure, while others in the system see it as dangerous self-injury that must be stopped. After one persons pleasure, another person may enter the body and feel unbearble pain from that.

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