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One way of combatting the problems of the great otherkin divide between seasoned veterans and newbies is to foster a mentorship program in the community, where some of the more cloistered and cliqueish older members of the community will take new people under wing, one or two at a time, and personally answer questions, listen to the newbie's stories, etc. and hopefully create a balance of reintroducing the older person to what it was once like for them when they were new, and hopefully help the old fogeys get off their butts and do some good, and hopefully help to bring newer people up to speed on what it's like in the wide world after one figures out what it's like to be multiple...which isn't all much different than whatever it was like before slapping the label "otherkin" on your forehead.

That's the idea.

Now, how to proceed with it. Please use the following sections to start to make some type of points about what you think we can do...

  • Eligibility requirements - who should be eligible for either role? Especially the mentors, because we're supposed to know what we're doing and technically have the "superior" role in the "relationship"
  • What mentors do
  • What mentors dont do
  • Pairing - thoughts about how to make matches between veterans and newbies
  • Problems - either problems we think of, or problems that actually HAPPEN, gods forbid...
  • Ethics - what limitations should there be, for safety and sanity's sake?
  • Resources - resources & referrals for people who have problems that warrant real-world face-to-face intervention. Domestic Violence, Rape, Child Abuse, Teen Shelters, etc. so that a mentor who hears of something really scary can give information to the newbie or so that others looking at this page can locate the information for themselves.

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