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This area is for community news bulletins and is intended to suppliment the Otherkin Announcement Newsletter.

If you have an announcement or event, feel free to list it here under Toss-Ups and Crisses will add it to the next Otherkin Announcement Newsletter &/or the New Announcements section. This means that if you don't have a website to announce details for an event they can be made into an announcement page, and a brief mention pointing to it will be put in the newsletter, allowing extensive details for events to be listed without bugging the world about them.

  • Newsletter - Talk about the newsletter, give ideas for things that can be added to the newsletter, etc.

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  • Latest Newsletter
  • Toss-Ups - a place for visitors to just toss up their announcements & contact info so that XES can add them to the next newsletter in the proper format, and ask for more info if need be.

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