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This here page. :)
Wiki Resources Index
This here page. :)
The new working-faq, almost complete.
Otherkin Multiple FAQ, Alpha
The new working-faq, still very broken.
I'd Rather Gather
A listing of online and offline get-togethers.
More to do with my personal take on Hosting and how to explain it to others.
Dictionary for one specific offshoot of Elvish language.
Some terms you might need defined from this website...if you see things you think ought to be included, please let me know.
Otherkin Reiki Pages -- Offsite! -- Now on a wiki of it's own.
The offsite Open Source Reiki Project, hosted by Otherkin.net
Email List Page
Email list index for all the otherkin-related email lists I run and some of the ones that I moderate.