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These are Otherkin lists. Otherkin are people who believe for any reason that they are not normal humans. Many think they are other races than human, some think they are from other worlds. All races and species are welcome: dragon, elf, nymph, satyr, dwarf, gnome, angel, demon, gryphon, sidhe, faerie, fae, merfolk, hobbit, therianthrope, vampire, furry, goblins, axe murderer, human and misc. who are dedicated to the pursuit of self-development, who look at themselves and evaluate their good and bad points, and try to correct their failings, and strengthen their better qualities. Constructive criticisms are allowed, but no flames, as people might talk about deep issues.


Elfhelp is now a bitching board, and a place people ask for advice or help on issues that are not always otherkin-related. On-topic for ElfHelp is not otherkinness in general, "Is this person genuinely in need of help or advice, or offering help or advice, or commiserating, or something of some (plausible) measurable use to other people who have problems?"

This list was initially intended for a place for people to share what work they're doing on themselves and to share resources on self-work, etc. When I used it that way, I inspired silence, so it became something else: other people obviously don't share my personal obsession with self help LOL.

This forum is still open to all who are open to exploring, expanding and reworking the depths of the mind, soul and spirit despite how it's currently used :) . It is highly suggested that you be openminded regarding spirits/souls from other worlds before joining, as I expect a rather large Otherkin turnout onlist.

List Guidelines

  1. This list is partially self-moderating. If you see something which you believe to violate any of these rules, or to be a problem in and of itself, please contact the list moderators.
  2. If the subject doesn't reflect the content of a post you're replying to, change the subject line. This is courtesy, and helps us keep track of things in the future, and will even help you to see when people are responding to *your* posts.
  3. No one-liners please (ie: posts that are much shorter than the headers it takes to get them from point-A to point-B on the internet.) One-liners are considered rude. Try to consolidate your posts (at least within a topic) or replies to a thread into one slightly longer post if you find yourself posting many one-liners. Alternatively, try replying privately to the person in question only.
  4. Off-topic should be limited and labeled such (or OT) in the subject line. If not, it's absolutely unacceptable on this list (you're allowed to talk about people's problems or your own, and self-exploration, review psych literature or self-help literature, etc. but not to discuss gathers, where to shop for clothes, etc. except as directly pertain to someone's problems or are labeled as such). People should avoid responding to OT posts on list. Try to take posts that are OT out of commission as soon as possible by not replying or replying offlist. It's ok if a portion of a post is OT as long as it's somehow on topic for the post itself, but if you find yourself responding only to the offtopic portion of the post, try to take it offlist or to another appropriate list or to the OtherkinCafe.
  5. Please limit fluff posts on the list. Fluff should be labeled "--fluff" in the subject line. "Fluff" is non-serious posts which contain no actually useful content. Members should avoid responding publicly to 'fluff' posts. Fluff posts of a general enough nature for everyone to enjoy the joke are okay if they're not at anyone's expense, and when clearly labeled "fluff", but are not okay if they are so much an in-joke that very few people on the list will get it. If this is the case, write the joke to them privately and don't waste everyone else's time. If you like to make a lot of fluffy comments, it's suggested that you join OtherkinCafe and redirect the jokes & fluff there instead.
  6. No flaming is allowed. No generic inflammatory comments that generalize about a group or that specifically target a member on the list. In addition, talking directly about people who are not on the list would be rude. It's best to talk only about yourself and your own experiences. You get one warning for this, at moderator discretion. In some cases, people will be unsubbed and banned immediately.
  7. While healthy confrontations could be allowed (by the standards below) if requested, I think requesting the moderators to be on hand for mediation would perhaps be wise for that. Both parties should be willing, I think. I dunno. It's not happened yet. In a small and insular community such as this, it's possible people will have problems with one another and need safe public space in which to talk to one another about the problems, and have their reality checked by outsiders, and make sure they're learning to communicate. This could be a very difficult position to take though for the moderators, and the fact that we're not professional mediators would be helpful if stated.
  8. No judgements, cruelty, harassment, etc. People air their real life personal problems on this list...some very practical or sensitive problems. Because of this, people may be additionally vulnerable to attack on this list. By no means are snide remarks, jibes, underhanded comments, backhanded 'compliments' and similar allowed on the list. If someone points these out to the moderators, private warnings will be issued. After two warnings, if it occurs a third time, your posting privledges will be changed to moderator approval only. If it happens a fourth, you will be unsubbed and banned from the list. If it's likely that the insults will be quoted or repeated to the list, you may find yourself moderated immediately until such a time as the moderators feel reassured that the insults will not be repeated.
  9. Constructive criticisms are allowed on this list under some circumstances. If they are written in a respectful format, above-board, and with obvious intent to point out someone's flaws to help them, and not to further your own pursuits or personal prejudices against a person. If you plan to confront someone on an issue, please contact the moderators to alert them to what you are trying to do first. Asking the person's permission to talk to them on list about it would be helpful as well, if that's at all possible.
  10. Don't respond to moderator notes on list. This is just courtesy and good Netiquette. Respond to the listowner or all moderators via elfhelp-owner@yahoogroups.com. List policies can be discussed and revised on list if enough people have a problem with them, but keep in mind that it will take a lot of list traffic to do so.

Hint: when replying to someone offlist, please change the subject line sufficiently so that it's obvious to the recipient so that they do not accidentally send it back to the list thinking you made a mistake. ie: take out "elfhelp" and change it to "offlist" or "OL"

Technical Info

List Owner: Crisses
Full Moderators: Celebron, Amber

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