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These are Otherkin lists. Otherkin are people who believe for any reason that they are not normal humans. Many think they are other races than human, some think they are from other worlds. All races and species are welcome: dragon, elf, nymph, satyr, dwarf, gnome, angel, demon, gryphon, sidhe, faerie, fae, merfolk, hobbit, therianthrope, vampire, furry, human, etc. I guess if someone claiming they were the kitchen sink walked in we'd have to give them somewhere to gripe, so here it is.


Otherkin Café is a silly otherkin list. Although questions won't be specifically turned away, anything dreadfully serious will be directed to another more specific list, so that this list can better serve the flamboyantly silly and chitchatty needs of the otherkin community. Also allowed and expected here are poems, songs, announcements (whether or not on topic to the community), serious off topic conversations, flirting, etc. There are other places for taking the business of being Otherkin seriously.

List Guywires

  1. This list is partially self-moderating. If you can't keep up some semblance of being a reasonable person, maybe you ought to stay in your respective closets. If anyone sees anyone upsetting the patrons, please contact the list moderators.
  2. If the subject doesn't reflect the content of a post you're replying to, I don't really care, but then again it might be nice if you change the subject line every now and again as evidence that your IQ is above that of a snail.
  3. Some people pay for email, so a lot of people think it's nice if you post no one-liners. Again, I don't really care. Waste my time and bandwidth! Consolidation of posts is silly and makes too much sense for this list! Heck, I'd never moderate you for this anyway! And what I'd really like to see is people faking private posts accidentally posted to the list, that would be pretty funny, as long as no one gets hurt (see rule #1).
  4. Off-topic should be unlimited. It's absolutely unacceptable to be on-topic on this list. As it is, people should avoid responsibility and on-topic posts on this list. Try to avoid taking posts that are OT back onto topic as much as possible. It's ok if a portion of a post is on topic as long as it's somehow off topic for the post itself, but if you find yourself responding only to the ontopic portion of the post, try to take it offlist or to one of those more stuffy on-topic lists.
  5. Please never limit fluff posts on the list. "Fluff" is non-serious posts which contain no actually useful content. Members should respond publicly to all 'fluff' posts. Fluff posts at anyone's expense should at least be carefully aimed above the crotch and hopefully have a reasonable chance of being recieved well. In-jokes that very few people on the list will get are ok too. If people really cared about you wasting their time, they probably wouldn't be on this list.
  6. No flaming is allowed. Yeah, even here. No generic inflammatory comments that generalize about a group or that specifically target a member on the list. In addition, talking directly about people who are not on the list would be rude--but as long as you'd say it to their face, I guess it doesn't matter, as long as it's following the rest of the guywires.... It's best to talk only about yourself and your own experiences, but talking about other people can be fun/ny. If you're being incredibly crude or mean you'll probably get some warnings for this, at moderator discretion. In some cases, people will be unsubbed and banned immediately, you know, those a-holes who come out of nowhere just to flame and all that.
  7. No judgements, cruelty, harassment, etc. unless all parties are busy laughing and still come out of it smelling fresh as roses, and haven't upset the other customers. This is an environment which encourages flamboyant exploration of what it means to be a member of a loving, laughing community, and encourages (respectfully) pushing the buttons of beings Otherkin.
    If someone actually points out that they're being honestly offended to the moderators, private warnings will be issued. After two warnings, if it occurs a third time, your posting privledges will be changed to moderator approval only. If it happens a fourth, you will be unsubbed and banned from the list. If it's likely that the insults will be quoted or repeated to the list, you may find yourself moderated immediately until such a time as the moderators feel reassured that the insults will not be repeated. (they made me say it! -- honest!)
  8. Constructive criticisms are allowed on this list under some circumstances. Then again, maybe not. Go to ElfHelp or KinFrontiers for this crap. Constructive criticisms are too serious for the likes of me.
  9. Don't respond to moderator notes on list. Unless it's a silly mod note. Then feel free to jump in. I guess I'll have to make sure it's obvious if/when that happens.... anyway: This is just courtesy and good Netiquette. Respond to the listowner or all moderators via otherkincafe-owner@yahoogroups.com. List policies can be discussed and revised on list if enough people have a problem with them, but keep in mind that it will take a lot of list traffic to do so. SO just don't do it.

Technical Info

List Owner: the Barbarian Hedgeclipper Masseusse.... no, um, just Torry
Co-Masticators: Malcolm&, Ahren-Meiarra, Eshari

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