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All About Bob King

Bob King (also known as The Firewheel ) is/are an author, artist, empowered multiple and radical individuist, and owner of GraphicDesign, where you can get some subversive prints, images, teeshirts, mugs and such.

Bob promotes the ideal of radical individualism in many ways; by advancing the idea that multiplicity and other wetware modes are normal as any other difference, by creating artwork and graphics that (he hopes) illustrate a certain subversive individuality and by being married to mywampus.

Pardon the commerce, but it's fundimental to who we are and what we are. This graphic sums it up entirely - for what it's worth, and what it's worth is defined by you. The philosophy is the same as this site, save that here the medium of exchange is time and thought alone - pure ideas - being put together to create a source of common value.

But what if you benifit from this site without having anything to contribute in kind?

Well - I'm sure Crisses has a wishlist. I have my products - and my products are products of the ideas you liked, soooo.... or you could simply stick one or both urls in your sigline, or you could add them to a directory you know of - your favorite Yahoo Groups, for example.

All of these things are free will exhanges of communication - the only real value. Money is simply a way of transforming one value into another value - usually at a slight loss. So, while I love people BUYING my work, it's because I love that they love the ideas, and want to share them.

And here, I'm doing it in a limited way for free. You should not feel obligated to click through, and if you do, 'do not' feel obligated to buy. Buy it only if you really love it and want to share it with those around you.

For multiples of a certain sort, we just finished this teeshirt, from the large image at the top of the page.

As you may or may not know, Flying Toasters are those multis who supposedly read minds, blow out lightbulbs and fling inanimate objects about via telekinesis. Some find this idea hard to swallow, and it was in that spirit that I was contacted to do it. Unfortuantely - we 'ARE' a "flying toaster."

Note the two toast colors - when I'm in a certain frame of mind, being too close to electronics can be damn expensive! But the caption on the image sums it all up; whether or not you can make toasters fly with your mind, or you are cheating by using a catapult, the point to a toaster is to make toast!

We exibit - unpredictably - "powers" such as dowsing, remote viewing, and unpredictable electrical surges. We are good energy healers, too. But save for the last, all of those are things better done in other ways, or best not done at all. So our appreciation of the "power" is limited, to say the least!