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I figured it was about time to start gathering together the testimonials I've gotten for the website, without directly naming names without permission. So I've gone back into my "fanmail" (a search of emails I've gotten from the website) and pulled out some of the gems. In going back and reading things people wrote to me, not whole conversations but just their opening emails to me, it's very profound. The level of trust that people show me, the amount of "I think I'm nuts, but you seem like someone who will listen and not judge me" that people get from reading things I say is very touching. And very true.

I always try to answer my "fanmail", but if something fell through the cracks in one of the more chaotic periods of my life you have my deepest apologies. I'm only taking the snippets from these emails that are about this website (and its predecessor website, back before I created the wiki version and invited others to contribute). But I'm very touched at the level of trust, of going out on a limb, that people have shown me over the last decade. It's really heart-warming. I'm glad that I started a folder to read in my darker moments, and kept my so-called "fanmail" separate from 2002-2004, so you'll see a lot with those dates. More recent ones come from the webform on the site and are easy for me to find. I don't know if I can locate the ones from 1996 when I started my first personal website through 2002, or if I can find the ones between 2004-2007. We'll see. -- Crisses, 2010

Hi, just letting you know this is my all time best ever favourite website. I come here whenever I'm feeling like no one gets it and I'm totally alone. It feels like home and we're all really greatful to have a place where it's ok to just be how we are. Thanks very much and keep up the excellent work. I would absolutely love to see this published somehow. It sure beats the shit out of all the unhelpful stuff you get in bookshops! : ) -- W, October, 2012
your article on the source has been the most useful thing I have found. It's too bad this looks like it hasn't had any activity for a very long time. I am trying to find my core personality and think it is the one that is/was the youngest in the set I have identified, but it is not the one that is out most, and has the most holes in 'real' experience. Your article is the only one I have found that talks about that. Thank you. -- S, July, 2011
A site that explores some other concept than us just being a single broken 'me'. THANK YOU -- M, December, 2010
Good to find that your site addresses spiritual abuse. -- B, November, 2010
I wanted to tell you this website is a real gem! It's helped me so much in accepting what is happening to me, the best website at this in fact! I have three people in my head now (including myself) who are so important to me that they mean the world to me. I really found this website so helpful in creating the bond of friendship that we now have. Thank you so much for making this Wiki! -- B, March, 2010
I really don't even know where to begin explaining the situation, hopefully I will more so after looking through your site. I thought I was going crazy because I had several distinctive personalities, but instead of hindering my life they have helped me survive and cope for the past 20 years so I really didn't want to "make them go away" so to speak.

I'm totally flustered right now, I'm really excited to start digging around here. Thank you so much for bringing this to the world.
-- JT/HP, July 2008
I am seeking help on a matter of multiplicity, and it seems that I have hit a dead end with most of the sources that cover Multiples. This was only website that had even a hinting of a solution to my current conundrum; and I am thankful for that. -- A., January 2009
I just wanted to thank you for the information. It was very helpful to find someone with so many theories in common with ours. K. & G., May 2009
I find your site very informative. R.M., June 2009
I had no idea there were others (out side my own mind) who thought the way I do. I congratulate you on this website it is awesome. I am just sitting here and in awe and very happy for the internet and new ways of finding out you're not alone, well you know in the 'world'.

Too choked up for any more words. I hope this message finds you well.
-- G., August 2009
i love your site. i can't wait to share it with my therapist. -- S., October 2009
Hi Crisses. I have enjoyed your website for a few years now. I thought of the idea of multiples and hosting as way too confusing, but nonetheless interesting. Never once had I considered myself a host. I thought I had guides. But when they start having minds of their own and want to talk through me, well... I've kinda had to start re-thinking the whole hosting/multiple thing. A., Feb 2002
I visited your site and noticed many good things and I thank the shining people that I have finally found others like me after all this time. -- MMF, February 2002
I looked at your site, and I think it's very interesting and informative. I was looking for some info on walk-ins when I ran across it. I am trying to find some info to help me differentiate between an MPD type thing, a walk-in, or something completely different.... -- JM, March 2002
I just visited your website and am writing to let you know that I enjoyed hearing some views that I can relate to. It is nice to be able to find others who understand the differences that people (other than singletons) are. Thanks for the efforts that were put into the attempts to share with us. Be well. -- C., March 2002
Fascinating site! Thank you for taking the time and effort to put it together. I think you have a good grasp (that means, I agree!) on personality construction. -- A, March 2002
I read your site (well a lot of it)and it helped me out so thanks. Maybe I am not mad after all. I hope I'm not but now I know that it's healthy to doubt your sanity when confronted by inexplicable events and visions. Thanks to your site - I feel a bit better and a bit more secure. I have a partner who is very supportive and believing but it is great to find others who have seen these things and do feel changed and different. -- GK, April 2002
I actually came across your website on accident, but I found it to be very interesting. Except for my husband I have never found anyone else who believes that there are people out there who may not be completely human or may not be human at all. - D., April 2002
I stumbled on your website. Its good. I'm glad you can be humourous and get a serious point across at the same time. -- FA, June 2002
''I have visited your site and enjoyed it very much." -- C., June 2002
I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me a lot. -- LS, July 2002
I am flabbergasted to have been led to you this morning!! Yeeeee hah! ... I feel like I am home! Thank you for being out there! -- K, August 2002
You rock, I know this because all I have read is the disclaimer and I agree totally with what you say. -- A., August 2002
I am finally getting around to reading more of your site.. There is so much there. [...] Reading your bio helped... Your experience and what I remember of mine are not the same, but have enough similarities to make me uneasy. However, that being said, you seem to have turned out okay, and you have dealt with a *lot* more than I have. -- LS, August 2002
I would like to commend you on the pages you have put up. I have recently started to wonder who I really am, and it is comforting to encounter others in a similar situation....As I'm in the process of opening up my world, I am grateful to you for sharing yours. -- JF, September 2002
I have been reading and learning alot from your site and I truly enjoy the time I spend there. -- Q, October, 2002
Thanks so much for the site you are on. It is so insightful to see another explain it the way I see it. I have always thought the other personalities I have are spirits and not a manipulation of my mind. -- S, November 2002
Just a quick hello from [an otherkin] who appreciates the web site that you have put so very much effort into. CD, November 2002
Anyway, I followed some links, and came across kinhost. I am reading it now, finding your history and whos who fascinating. Dont really have much specific to say, maybe I will when I get through it all, but I just wanted you to know that there is someone here who feels alive again - in part thanks to your site. -- S., February 2003

I'll dig up more testimonials soon....

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Well we have been coaching with you for a few months now so feel pretty comfortable in speaking about our experience with your coaching. We have set back and watched your System and how you all operate and thought, "Ya. They get it so let's try it!". Absolutely no as in zero regrets. We are, or at least I am often a jumbled, distracted mess of a Host and you all never challenge the words we choose or the behaviors we exhibit but instead challenge us to consider the or's plus the and's (and all those attached behaviors between). Coaching is in addition to therapy for us and have felt so incredibly safe that we actually had The Crisses telehealth in with our provider for continuity of care. A covert System really appreciates the level of trust built to have that happen especially since I am a mental health provider. My therapist has even commented on The Crisses level of knowledge and relatability. Sign up for some coaching because I gotta tell ya there has been some progress happening within this System;you won't be disappointed!

Comment by BH on October 05, 2021

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