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About Multiplicity: The Missing Manual

This website resource, the podcast, the United Front Boot Camp, etc. are all supported by The Crisses and by community support through Patreon (currently a much-appreciated trickle). Your feedback, praise, and contributions help offset the emotional and material costs of this project. Whatever you have to give is appreciated, even if it's just "Thank you." It's very important to us that our work is helpful to someone or somemany.

There's some stuff out on the market about dissociative identity (disorder?) or multiple personality, but none of it really cuts it. You need 20 books and a lot of time on your hands to get anywhere reasonable, and you'll still have to wince your way past all the references to integration (aka "merging" or "full fusion"), or perhaps shudder about the amount of trust the therapist throws at one individual in the multiple's mental system -- usually called the "host personality" like that specific person naturally invited everyone to stay for dinner or something? Um, yeah, right. Not bloody likely.

Enter Multiplicity: The Missing Manual, a peer-written resource for persons experiencing dissociative identity (disorder?). If you're a geek, you've seen the Missing Manuals put out by O'Reilly. Maybe you own a few. Well, it's unlikely O'Reilly is going to put out a Missing Manual for people with multiple personalities, so we're going to gratefully thank them for the cool alliterative subtitle and we're going to filch it in the name of poetic justice--um, I mean license. Those of us with nothing else in our cheeks might as well put our tongues there firmly and get busy writing.

However, this is, for the most part, serious stuff. It's always good to quip a little and elicit that knowing wry grin from the audience as you blunder into some of the truths underlying the problem at hand, but we really want to actually help people here. So we — that is to say (with hope that time will not prove us wrong *LOL*) anyone who wishes to contribute — are going to write a manual and it's going to be PRACTICAL. With much work and contributions you're going to be able to look up the problem you've been banging your head on and get to see advice from other multiples on what you can do about it. And maybe you have some experience dragging your ass past some of these hurdles, so you can write a little something that can help the next person out.

This manual isn't specifically scientifically backed — it's experiential — although we're going to draw from, and cite, occasional professional reference materials. Any researchers who want to look through these documents for ideas on their next hyptothesis or try out experiments based on things we're talking about, please feel free. HOWEVER, I urge you to be humane, to respect your science, to respect your subjects, and to respect yourself. Never forget where you got the idea from; there's no shame in having gone through our manual for inspirational material. Crediting us with inspiring you would be nifty. Share your results with us; that would be even more nifty. Just don't piss on us and use our information in a hurtful or abusive manner. Read and understand who and what we are. We're all people...just "some of us" have a bit more of those (read: people) than most others.

On the subject of peeing in the toilet instead of on each other, please respect your fellow wiki-goers and wiki-writers. This is for us...even if you're not a multiple. Hopefully we're all here to learn something. If you don't understand something written on one of the pages, please EmailMe or join the United Front DID Empowerment Project on Facebook, the Otherkind-Hosts List or something, so that we can straighten out the confusion for the next person whom comes a-readin'.

Blessings on everyone.

The Crisses
major manual contributor, web admin, persons who pay the website bills, etc.

Now, on to the manual...

Multiplicity: The Missing Manual / Table of Contents

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Hey! Just wanted to leave a quick thank you. We found this site a couple years ago, but I've rediscovered it and found it extremely helpful. Never considered putting together a run-book, but that is what we need right now! There's so little real help out there, especially if you're polyfragmented. This is a great resource for all of of us. Will definitely be joining your patreon once we've got another job in place 😭 You're really out here doing work nobody else has the drive to do and I appreciate it so much. It's helping so many people, including many many of us. Thank you.

Comment by Shuggie on May 01, 2023

Awww. You're so welcome. Thanks for being specific about something that's helpful for your& system — that's relatively new stuff. We are indeed trying to add more and fill out more of the unfinished works and so on. Also helps that we embraced being polyfragmented.

(anyone curious it's about this: Run-Book(s), Control Journal(s), and Tracking Information for Systems New.)

Keep an eye on our stuff and oh! Join our free substack newsletter!! We're posting about the stuff we're researching & working on lately, and latest updates across everything we do, etc. New videos, articles, classes, etc.

Comment by Crisses on May 01, 2023

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