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Core Discoveries

Core Discoveries

As inside, so outside. (And vice versa.) A multifaceted philosophical journey.

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In Progress 2015.

In all honesty, the root of all things important in the universe is Love. When love and sex have become confused from childhood molestation, it can arise to sexual addiction and acting out. These are tales meant to help take you on the journey from sex to soul to Higher Self with us. Sexually explicit.

Psychology thinks that every multiple system has a core personality. This is usually the birth personality, from which everyone else emerged.

The Crisses didn't have a core personality. However, they'd been multiple ever since they could remember. "Christina" turned out to be a veil, and another "Christina" was nowhere to be found. No one stepped forward. No amounts of inward poking or prodding or searching revealed any such thing. And what good was a core personality anyway? They had absolutely no intention of integrating anyway.

But yet, there was Aliessa, the sexy nymph. Marching at parades absorbing the energy from the crowds. Pouring her love and tenderness on anyone who would stand still long enough. Intensely searching for someone who could match and compliment her intensity. As her love grew, she grew, and shifted and changed. She always burned brightly, even when she was inside.

One-by-one, The Crisses began to regard Aliessa in a new light. If God is Love, who was Aliessa?

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