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Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

A multiple system's arguments with the concept of integration

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Manifesto. In Progress 2015.

"You have heart disease; we're going to have to remove your heart."

If you have heart disease the problem isn't that you have a heart; it's what your heart is doing that's the issue. It's also blatantly ridiculous to blame having multiple personalities at all as the problem when the problem is what the people in your head are doing.

We used to be told we have Multiple Personality DIS-ORDER. Now it's DID -- dissociative identity disorder. Calling it a disorder at all implies anarchy -- lawlessness, distrust, a lack of community. The diagnosis alone implies that we cannot associate with one another inside our head. But when you look deeper, you'll see that it's an illusion; we are taught internal separateness at every turn, whether in literature (Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde), comics (Dr. Bruce Banner & The Hulk), in video (The United States of Tara), by our therapists' words, or in the literature of psychology, we are being told that to be multiple means internal divisiveness -- and the only answer has to be to become one person inside and out.

So why is the suggested "cure" for a multiple being disorderly the eradication of everything that makes this human being unique? Why not celebrate the kalleidoscope of identities, opinions, language, gesture, accents, memories, tastes and talents that can cohabitate one body? When adversity breeds something unique and beautiful, why does society insist on its destruction?

Welcome to a new world where you can get along both inside yourself and with the outside world. Let's make it clear to therapists, family, theorists, scientists, psychologists, policy makers, artists, actors, writers and philosophers -- that integration is a CHOICE. It's the ultimate Multiple Choice.

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