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Poetic License

Poetic License

A poetic journey through the labyrinth of multiplicity

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Poetic License is the introductory book in The Crissing Link series. Reverend Criss Ittermann, called The Crisses by those who know them best, takes us on a poetic journey through their head. We meet a small number of the women, men, children and non-humans who call a single woman's body home, have chosen to share their collective life together for better and for worse, and struggle with the language, ethics, gender-bending, and closets of a world full of humans so strangely and simply "single."

1st Edition published in 2009. Softcover (perfect-bound)

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184pp. Purchase through: Rev. Criss - CreateSpace - Amazon

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At this time 10% of my income from the book will go to charities that prevent child abuse, or directly intervene on behalf of abused children. The first charity will be the Court Appointed Special Assistant program (CASA) in Orange County, NY that acts on behalf of children entering the foster care system in my local area. If the book does well, I will make donations to other organizations and increase the % of my direct proceeds that goes to charity. To increase the amount of your contribution to these causes, order the books directly from me rather than through A good compromise is to order through CreateSpace, where I get a larger % of the proceeds.