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An autobiographical work of poetry and confession by an author with multiple personalities.

This book of poems is intriguingly introduced by the author’s partner, Christopher. He seems as much devotee as devoted, and he frankly discusses the process of accepting Ittermann’s polyamorous (meaning multiple sexual partners) lifestyle and multifaceted mind. It’s this mind—more than the earnest self-realization or the harrowing journey of redemption and rehabilitation—that is the book’s real fascination. Inspired by a traumatic event in childhood, these multiple personalities began to manifest themselves in the author when she was 16 years old. There are apparently 70 different personalities contained within her, and incredibly, many have past lives. Ittermann guides the reader through this Byzantine array of personae, all of whom have been bit by the poetry bug, in a series of chapters, each dedicated to a specific consciousness. Collectively they are known as the Crisses, and the parts that form this gestalt include such beloved stock characters as the wounded child and dark poet, and more unconventional identities like the elf and dragoness. Some personalities write confessionals about parenthood or polyamory, and some about elfhood. Skeptical readers may test the poetry’s diversity of form, lexical variety and tone, but the voices and styles are genuinely varied, and the subject matter personality-appropriate. There is a genuine lyricism and heart in most of the poems, but some overly sincere clunkers too. The book is somewhat unhinged by the inclusion of too many elements (comics, poetry, self-help, etc.), but its genres are individually fascinating, just like the many voices. The Crissing Link is, in the end, interesting poetry masquerading as pop-psychological inspiration. Some will wish it kept a more consistent format, but how could it?

A wholly unique combination of genres and voices.
-- Kirkus Discoveries review re: Poetic License

Retort: In all fairness, I only walk people through about 18 of my "residents", 17 of whom have been bit by the poetry bug ;) The other one expressed himself in comics. The original intention was to create a poetry book, so the other 54 abstained or have nothing to add to the book directly. --The Crisses

I just started the book today, and I already have some answers as to why I am the way that I am. Thank you for writing this book. -- Anonymous Reader re: Poetic License.

"Reading The Crissing Link is a very intense, mind-bending journey! It helped open my eyes to a totally different multi-faceted view of the world. While the prose is raw and edgy as the Crisses bear all without apology; the poetry is rhythmic and filled with beauty and soul searching. Definitely an interesting read for someone unfamiliar with 'multiplicity'. " -- "BA Loves Reading" re: Poetic License (on Amazon).

I am currently reading this book. It's interesting and thought provoking. I find myself both relating a lot, being surprised, and wondering. I very much recommend it for people with DID, singletons, and anyone who has magic in their soul. -- Sarah Smith, author of In and Out of Ice/Glass: Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Chemical Dependency

Intense. This book really makes you think about things you'd rather not, in ways you have not thought about them before. Cover-to-cover, it compels you to continue until finished, but still leaves you with a lot of questions. Accept it as real or not, but you'll never take anyone at face value again. Kudos to The Crisses for their courage. -- "Thoughtful Reader" re: Poetic License (on Amazon).

I finished your book; it's something I’ve been waiting for. Finally I have a much clearer view of what I’m going through. I’ve been and continue to be misunderstood, even by my own self. I can’t explain why I’m one way or the other, I don’t think I have a full picture but I can say that with this book I’m on my way to understanding myself. It was very hard for me to live thinking I was the only one feeling or even thinking the way that I do. I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. -- "U." via private email re: Poetic License.