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Split Decision

Split Decision

One multiple's tales of falling apart and coming back together.

Note: this cover is very, very temporary -- and kinda a joke. :)

In Progress - July 2013 through November 2017. Still in progress.

The Cover-Up of a Lifetime

Quirky and creative, 13-year-old tomboy Christina dodged recurring nightmares, fickle friends, contemplating suicide, cruel classmates, and unpredictably abusive parents, only to find herself suddenly confronted with a flood of childhood memories of sexual abuse seemingly from nowhere. Stuff no 13-year-old could just make up — but still — were these foggy memories real?

In the midst of overwhelming emotional turmoil at 16, armed only with those memories, the introductions started: creatures from fantasy coming forward in Christina's head, a strange reunion of the people who had always stood by her side to face her haunted lifetime. This intersected a series of nervous breakdowns leading to a suicidal disaster.

On the other side of the unthinkable, everyone pooled their resources to rebuild their shared life: try to locate their lost marbles, navigate legal trouble, figure out how to work together, forge healthy relationships, fix their broken boundaries, overcome a traumatic past, and plan a worthwhile future. When they finally get some proof of abuse, Christina disappears entirely. In her place are a group of babies, children, and pre-adolescents in desperate need of reparenting.

We are the Crisses, and this is our story of facing our past, falling apart over the years, coming back together — and our enormous Split Decision.

Get the ebook while it's being written and revised through LeanPub! Split Decision is available through LeanPub at a deeply discounted rate WHILE it is being edited. If you purchase the book through LeanPub you will get updates as they come out, including the final version.

Once the ebook is complete, the softcover and ebook versions will be placed on Amazon, and prices on the ebook will go up.

At this time 10% of my income from the book will go to charities that prevent child abuse, or directly intervene on behalf of abused children. The first charity will be the Court Appointed Special Assistant program (CASA) in Orange County, NY that acts on behalf of children entering the foster care system in my local area. If the book does well, I will make donations to other organizations and increase the % of my direct proceeds that goes to charity. To increase the amount of your contribution to these causes, order the books directly from me rather than through A good compromise is to order through CreateSpace, where I get a larger % of the proceeds.