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United Front: Ship's Logs, undated volumes now available

Note: dated planner are being discontinued in favor of undated planners, so that the products (and work done on them) are evergreen.

Planner Image Gallery including User Submitted Images

  • 2023 Dated Planner|2023 Dated Planner
  • |Undated Planner 2 (2022+)
  • |Undated Planner 1 (2021+)
  • |2023 Dated Planner - Daily Page
  • |Safety Plan (2022)
  • |Safety Plan (2023) update
  • |2023 Page Thumbnails
  • |2022 Selves Care Menu
  • |2022 Weekly Log Key

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United Front: Ship's Log Undated Planners

See changes in each Planner

This is a planner like none other. Crafted for plural, multiple & DID systems, with selves-help & coaching tools, bullet-joural-like flexibility. This plural-centric planner provides places for your& entire "Ship's Crew" to log, plan, and deploy missions while adventuring through (external) human space.

A stand-alone volume, but also designed to pair with the Ship's Log Planner Course or United Front book bundle, especially United Front: Adventurers, this is a tool that will help support your plural or multiple system whether you prefer planning or logging. Work on system-wide issues together, tackle life's adventures as a team, and craft your own amazing internal community.

  • Monthly "Sensor Log" to help spot areas of your& shared life (internal & external) in need of attention
  • System Safety Plan (no purchase necessary: our free instructional System Safety Course is available here)
  • Ample notes pages for system maps, headmate lists, internal meeting notes
  • Daily timeline to track switches/fronts, events, appointments, etc.
  • Examples to help your system figure out how they'd like to use the planner
  • And much much more…

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2023 Dated Planner

Undated Planner

There are 2 undated planners currently available: Version 1 is based on the 2022 dated planner and Version 2 is based on the 2023 dated planner.

  • 54-week planners
  • start on any day of the week or year, easily adaptable to any 7-day "week"
  • 12 "monthly" or periodic assessments near the front of the book
  • 12 blank 7x6 grid 2-page spreads that can be used as a monthly calendar or as a grid for other information or creating your own cheat sheets in the planner (we've used it for meal planning, tracking classes, etc.).
  • Version 2 has additional cheat sheets and a different cover than version 1
  • UNDATED planner Version 1, available as a PDF downloadable & printable right now at Gumroad. Starts $5USD, pay what you wish. New: Undated Planner Version 2.
  • Coil-bound Softcover Undated Planner from Lulu: Version 1 or Version 2 starting at around $18 USD3 + shipping. Available internationally.
  • Hardcover Undated Planner from Lulu: Version 1 or Version 2 starting at around $21 USD4 + shipping. Available internationally.

Our Planner Comes Home

After years of creating and designing the "Passionizing™" planners, and feedback from several plural systems over the past couple years, we can say this planner works for plurals. Not all plurals, not every plural or every situation. Of course not. But it’s flexible, helpful, and builds good habits.

What Time-Management System Does it Use?

There are a lot of ways to time-manage. The only one that works is the one you& actually use. In that way, all time-management processes can be effective, and we attempt to teach folk how to come up with something that works for them rather than push folk into any particular system.

The idea of the "Ship's Log" planner is to both provide structure & flexibility for your& officers & crew in how to manage your& human mecha spaceship, and keep on top of your& shared external life as well as keeping an eye on internal system operations.

This isn’t a schedule book, but y'all can use it that way if that's what works for y'all. Y'all can use it to plan ahead. Or — y'all can use it to track what has already happened. Y'all are not locked in to any particular way to track or manage your& time. We do a blend of both — jotting down what we plan to do, and jotting down things that we accomplished. Our companion system mostly uses the log as a log of what has happened already, rather than planning ahead.

Flexible By Design

Y'all can use as many or as few of the features included in the planner as y'all like. For example y'all can meal plan or meal track in the planner, but we keep the labels for that as unobtrusive as possible so y'all can repurpose those lines to something else if y'all want. See the tips on how y'all can use the Ship's Log below, & suggestions for how to go about coaching yourselves into creating a plan (or tracking what happens) each week & month. The planner itself includes many tips and tricks on the instruction and example pages.

How Much Profit Are We Making?

We prefer total transparency: our modest mark-up on the products is $4 for print versions (as of current exchange rates in Aug 2022) and $5+ (due to sliding scale) on the electronic versions. Thus we make $4-5 (or thereabouts) per sale after merchant fees, before income tax & self-employment tax.

If anyone cannot afford the PDF version, please let us know. We don't want money to stand in the way of plurals getting help they need. We have our own needs and expenses, and put a lot of time, thought, and development into these products, so we put a modest price tag on them to reflect that. However, we would really really rather y'all have the help you& need than us make money, hence the low profit margin to keep this affordable. PLEASE ask if y'all need assistance. Our Patreon supporters are there to help us with "scholarship" offerings etc. — so don't feel bad. They'd love to hear that we were able to give out free copies of our PDF because of their support.

What are the tangible differences between the hardcover vs. coil-bound softcover?

We personally prefer the hardcover version of the planner because it takes wear-and-tear and roughhousing. We are clumsy and not gentle on our belongings.

We also have the coil-bound Ship's Log and we're quite impressed with it. We decided not to do a perfect-bound softcover, and believe it was the right choice.

Both the hardcover and the coil-bound "lay flat", which we feel is essential for a planner you're going to actually use. The coil can be folded back on itself to show only one page; you can't do that with the hardcover. But also note that doing that can push pages out of the end of the coil.

One year we went sticker-happy in our planner, and the hardcover took it in relatively good stride, but if y'all are a washi-tape weilding affictionado with sticker packs and so on — the coil-bound version may take the added thickness of each embellished sheet a little better.

We are concerned that if we used the coil-bound and we were handling the planner every day, turning back to our quarterly or annual planning pages, or to our safety plan, etc. — it might lose some pages along the way (perhaps some washi tape could fix it though!). Our biggest concern would be losing the covers, or being clumsy and dropping it, etc. We are adding a half-title & extra back page in the hopes that if folk lose a page, or one of the covers, the "throwaway" pages we're including will help out.

Passionizing™ Planners by Criss Xes lined up on our desk hutch
Passionizing™ Planners

We recommend the hardcover for legacy and durability. The line of spines on the shelf is cool too. The coil-bound will have to be handled more carefully, but the price is more reasonable. And if y'all have a good app for filling in PDF forms, or want to use your own bullet journal or other journals outside the UF system with some of the UF exercises, the PDF can be used instead of a paper planner (or y'all can print out some of the exercises and use them).

Y'all can help with future planners

We would love more feedback to continue to tweak the content. What works? What do you hate? What do you find that you neglect & never use, or you forget to use? What’s wasted space? How can we make it better? How can we make this more fun?

Play with your& planner, experiment with it, but most of all — USE it. Do with it whatever you’d like — please let us know what happens & how it works out so we can improve it next year. Life is a work-in-progress, so is a life-journal.

We would love photos of how folk are using it, too!

Many thanks & blessings,
Criss Xes

Tips for using your United Front Ship's Log Planner

Setting up your& journal: y'all can start playing with it as soon as y'all get it. The System Safety Plan, Quarterly Plan, and setting up the year in your& planner can keep y'all busy planning for 2022 before it even starts.

Please see the free United Front: Ship's Log Planner Course for tips on planner set-up, additional downloadables/printables and exercises to help out! This way we only have to update this info in one place :)

The Final Index - 2023

  • 2022 in Review 25
  • 2023 in Review 311
  • April 98
    • April in Review 121
    • April Sensor Log 96
    • Plan Your& April 97
  • Articles of Agreement 14
  • August 194
    • August in Review 213
    • August Sensor Log 192
    • Plan Your& August 193
  • Better Spoons: Loving What Y’all Do 322
  • Contents vi
  • Daily Pages Key 2
  • December 286
    • December in Review 309
    • December Sensor Log 284
    • Plan Your& December 285
  • February 54
    • February in Review 73
    • February Sensor Log 52
    • Plan Your& February 53
  • Goals, Missions, Milestones 320
  • Ideas to Fill Daily Pages 2
  • January 28
    • January in Review 51
    • January Sensor Log 26
    • Plan Your& January 27
  • July 168
    • July in Review 191
    • July Sensor Log 166
    • Plan Your& July 167
  • June 146
    • June in Review 165
    • June Sensor Log 144
    • Plan Your& June 145
  • March 76
    • March in Review 95
    • March Sensor Log 74
    • Plan Your& March 75
  • May 124
    • May in Review 143
    • May Sensor Log 122
    • Plan Your& May 123
  • Meeting Agenda Ideas 321
  • Monthly Analysis 20
  • Monthly Sensor Log 20
    • Internal Divisions — Helm to Stern 21
    • Outer Divisions 20
  • November 264
    • November in Review 283
    • November Sensor Log 262
    • Plan Your& November 263
  • October 238
    • October in Review 261
    • October Sensor Log 236
    • Plan Your& October 237
  • Other Planner Features 24
  • Quarterly Plan 2023 16–19
  • Quarterly Plan 2024 316–319
  • Selves-Care Menu 13
  • Selves-Help Ideas 320
  • September 216
    • Plan Your& September 215
    • September in Review 235
    • September Sensor Log 214
  • System Safety Plan 4
    • “Safe Water Mark” 6
    • Batten the Hatches 12
    • Checking for Barnacles 9
    • Crew Equipment Review 5
    • Foul Waters 10
    • Navigating Dangers 11
    • Staying in “Ship Shape” 8
    • Your& Ship’s Missions 7
  • System Trust (Break/Fix) 15
  • System Vision 1
  • The 5 Principles of Multiplicity 323
  • United Front Process Overview 3
  • Weekly Layout Key 23
  • Weekly Log 24
  • What is United Front? 2

Change Logs

Decisions about 2024 Planner

  • Decided to roll with just undated planners, will issue Version 3+ after continued testing and feedback about using Version 2 and the new Sensor Log.

2023 Planner (compared to 2022) & Undated 2 planner

  • Added 2 segments to the Sensor Log: Treasury -> Stewardship and Bridge -> Targeting, including adding descriptions for these new segments in the instructions.
  • Added back in many of the cheatsheets from the 2021 planners.
  • Renamed House Rules to Articles of Engagement to match United Front books.
  • On the daily pages on the dated planner, lifted the date so there's space above the timeline.
  • In the dated planner monthly view, made the weekdays across the top lighter & smaller to facilitate those who wish to change the arrangement of the 2-page month view.
  • In the Undated planner, added a number for each "week" in the planner thus 1-54, in case anyone wants to log something by 7-day bundles, and to help folk track how many "weeks" they have left in their planner.
  • Fixed various errata from the 2022 version. Hopefully have not introduced NEW errata in the 2023 & Undated 2 versions :)

2022 Planner (compared to 2021) & Undated 1

  • First time the Ship's Log has an undated version (there had been undated versions of the Passionizing Planner, and there's still one available for sale).
  • a 2-page month-view spread to oversee your month. The former Monthly Review prompts (Accomplishments & Lessons) are now at the bottom of this spread.
  • The undated planners have only a blank 6 "week" by 7 "day" grid without labels to use as desired.
  • There's a new design for the <Month> in Review page: there's lines & prompts for Reflection, Gratitude & Looking Ahead.
  • There's an unlined note page on the left side of the Month in Review — folk can draw, add their own bullet-journal inspired tools for the month, use it as a place for additional notes, to attach post-its or cheatsheets to their planner, etc.
  • Overhauled monthly assessment tool that combines the Life & Ship assessment tools from 2021 into a simpler 1-page tool with redundancies removed, and completely re-written instructions. The 2021 dual assessments were taking us a long time to complete each month, and we noted some redundancies — so we completely reimagined the 2 life assessments that were in the 2021 planner, embracing the “body as a spaceship” idea, and the fact that plural systems are working as a group. Now there’s one combined assessment for 2022.
  • Almost all of the cheat-sheets and other tools have been removed. this planner is already larger than last year even with them removed. Stay tuned for more about where these are going (There is a workbook in progress, but since it's not ready most of these were added back to the 2023 planner).
  • The instructions are much more terse and abbreviated. The online course will have to bear the weight of longer explanations. Again, to keep the planner size reasonable something had to be moved out of it.
  • A more complete safety plan in the planner, matching the online safety plan course (and the errata listed below taken care of; plenty room for new errata).
  • A long list of positive ideas for (generally inexpensive or no-expense) activities to use for goals, rewards, or to inspire your System Safety Plan Crew Equipment Review in the back of the planner.
  • Squeezing in a couple more lines for notes on the weekly notes pages. Changed "A-HAHs" to "Notable" (to pull out a-hahs or highlights of a meeting or notes).
  • Added a half-title page. This is a relic from the days before books came with covers, a "junk" page that might get worn, torn, or fly loose or be used to bind the book into a cover. This gives an extra front page for notes, cheatsheets, doodles, headmap or list of residents, etc. Whatever y'all wish.
  • Added an extra page at the back of the planner — same reason as the half-title page. These are numbered, and have a little "blank on purpose" disclaimer". The hardcover or a perfect-bound softcover would have this page anyway. The coil-bound version would not, and the coil/spiral is more likely to lose pages, so we think this is a vital addition for those who want the coil version.

And features that will always remain in the planner:

  • NO holidays. Pick your own, or don't put any in the planner. We don't want anyone seeing well known trigger words in their planner. You like a holiday, you add it. This also makes it more friendly for folks outside the US or non-mainstream belief systems.
  • System safety plan will be embedded in the planner so that y'all always have it handy.
  • Numbered pages.
  • Create your own table of contents for your content in the front of the book; there is an Index for the built-in features.
  • Flexible daily pages with ways to track time, meals, moods/habits, progress, wordcount, etc.
  • Meeting notes each week for system meetings, external meetings, class notes, or therapy appointments
  • Monthly assessments and other worksheets for planning


Ship's Log 2022-1.00

  • In the dated planner, on the monthly spread for October, October 31st is accidentally greyed out. Oops.
  • p. 312 (dated) or 316 (undated) - The instructions aren't correct, but more importantly, the months should be July, August, September.

Ship's Log 2021-1.00

  • Extra notes pages for the coil-bound. We've always found the extra blank pages added to a perfect-bound softcover or hardcover book at the start and end to be useful — the coil bound gets right to business with no added leading or trailing pages. This is bothersome in many ways, as there's no title-page or index buffer between the cover and the book, but also less extra space for adding your own "stuff" to the book at the start and end, which we've always used. Next time we create a coil-bound version we'll add bonus "Notes" pages to fill this purpose, and maybe a half-title page in the front of the planner (industrial-age printing press books used a half-title page before the full title page in case the cover of the book was lost, so there was an additional protective page before the real title info). To make it easier on us, these changes may be in all the versions.
  • We want to unbold the abbreviations for the meal/exercise track/plan section so that it's easier to repurpose that section if someone doesn't use it that way (i.e. less obtrusive yet).
  • When we changed the page heading font to match other United Front materials, we may have gone a little overboard, and we will make the font size for dates in the daily pages smaller, and shift some of the whitespace a bit. It ended up rather close to the top of the page in the printed versions, and we like to write in the margins & put holiday names around the date.
  • page 8
    • "Contents of safety plans…" typo.
    • Change instructions to point to full instructions for System Safety Plans in United Front: Recruitsavailable in the free sample as well or you can use the latest materials & instructions for free at the online course here.
    • Middle of the page the line should be Developing a Wellness Toolbox - replace Toolkit with Toolbox and instructions should direct users to brainstorm for a larger list on a separate sheet to copy items from into various sections of the safety plan. This is now the Crew Equipment Review in the online course & downloadable worksheets.
    • On line for Daily Maintenance Plan: Reminder List "Quarterly" is misspelled.
    • Middle of the page the line should be When Things are Breaking Down or Getting Worse — Batten the Hatches. Signs… i.e. the page title was accidentally omitted.
    • Last line of "Crisis Plan" paragraph, "we are not a laywer" should be "lawyer". We are neither a lawyer nor a laywer. Not a typist either.
  • page 10 - missing closing parenthesis ")" after "page 39".
  • page 12 - "maritime" pilot. Oi. We did run a spell check. Imagine how many typos there would have been if we hadn't! We blame InDesign.
  • page 18 - spelling/typos: car maintenance schedule
  • page 20 - missing (m) marker on &/or addition of and italicization of following entries: prudence (m), forgiveness (m), humility (m), modesty (m), self-control (m). Missing (c) marker on &/or addition of and italicization of following entries: integrity (c), vitality (c).
  • Pages 23 & 25 - “Personal Development: Relationship…” (spelling typo)
  • page 150 - "House Rules" should really be "Articles of Agreement" in alignment with United Front books. References to the page should also be changed (p. 31 & 107 and the index on 313).

Legacy Notes

The Final Index - 2022

  • 2021 in Review 23
  • 2022
    • 2022 in Review 309
    • Quarterly Plan 2022 14–17
  • 2023
    • Quarterly Plan 2023 310–313
  • April 96
    • April in Review 115
    • April Sensor Log 94
    • Plan Your& April 95
  • August 192
    • August in Review 211
    • August Sensor Log 190
    • Plan Your& August 191
  • Contents vi
  • Daily Pages Key 2
  • December 284
    • December in Review 307
    • December Sensor Log 282
    • Plan Your& December 283
  • February 52
    • February in Review 71
    • February Sensor Log 50
    • Plan Your& February 51
  • Ideas to Fill Daily Pages 2
  • January 26
    • January in Review 49
    • January Sensor Log 24
    • Plan Your& January 25
  • July 166
    • July in Review 189
    • July Sensor Log 164
    • Plan Your& July 165
  • June 144
    • June in Review 163
    • June Sensor Log 142
    • Plan Your& June 143
  • March 74
    • March in Review 93
    • March Sensor Log 72
    • Plan Your& March 73
  • May 118
    • May in Review 141
    • May Sensor Log 116
    • Plan Your& May 117
  • Monthly Analysis 18
  • Monthly Analysis Key 20
  • Monthly Sensor Log 18
    • Internal Divisions — Helm to Stern 19
    • Outer Divisions 18
  • November 262
    • November in Review 281
    • November Sensor Log 260
  • Plan Your& November 261
  • October 236
    • October in Review 259
    • October Sensor Log 234
    • Plan Your& October 235
  • Other Planner Features 22
  • References 314
  • Selves-Care Menu 13
  • September 214
    • Plan Your& September 213
    • September in Review 233
    • September Sensor Log 212
  • System Safety Plan 4
    • Batten the Hatches 12
    • Checking for Barnacles 9
    • Crew Equipment Review 5
    • Foul Waters 10
    • Navigating Dangers 11
    • Safe Water Mark 6
    • Staying in “Ship Shape” 8
    • Your& Ship’s Missions 7
  • System Vision 1
  • The 5 Principles of Multiplicity 315
  • United Front Process Overview 3
  • Weekly Log 22
  • Weekly Log Key 21
  • What is United Front? 2

The Final Index - 2021

  • 5 Principles of Multiplicity 311
  • 360° Life Assessment Satisfaction Survey 32
  • 360° Life Assessment™ Detail 33
  • 2020 In Review 40
  • 2021 In Review 304
  • Annual Planning 14
  • April 107
  • August 191
  • Batten the Hatches 13
  • Better Spoons: Loving What Y’all Do 278
  • Better Spoons: Panic vs. Passion 86
  • Broadcasting Honorable Mentions 66
  • Character Strengths & Virtues (CSV) 21
  • Communication Ideas 66
  • Communication Mediums 66
  • Daily Pages Ideas 6
  • Daily Pages Key 6
  • December 279
  • Example Values 20
  • Expectations and Needs at Various Stages 190
  • February 67
  • Foul Waters 11
  • F-Words: 9 Panic Reactions, The 258
  • Goals, Projects, Tasks 170
  • “Good Thoughts” Journal Prompts 234
  • Gratitude List 42
  • Group Affirmations 234
  • House Rules 150
  • Inner World Communication Tips 66
  • Introduction to Shared Values 21
  • January 43
  • January 2022 299
  • July 171
  • June 151
  • L & F Words 258
  • Life List 14
  • Listening 66
  • Mapping Exercises 126
  • March 87
  • May 127
  • Meeting Agenda Ideas 106
  • Month In Review 30
  • Monthly Layout 30
  • Monthly Layout Key 31
  • Monthly Life Assessments 30, 32
  • Month, Plan Your 30
  • Navigating Dangers 12
  • November 259
  • October 235
  • Plan Your Month 30
  • Positive Selves Talk 234
  • Quality of Life: the 7 L-Words 258
  • Quarterly Plan 2021 16
  • Quarterly Plan 2022 306
  • References 310
  • Reparenting, Expectations and Needs at Various Stages 190
  • Reparenting Ideas 190
  • Roles & Goals, external 24
  • Roles & Goals, internal 28
  • Roles: Value & Goal Inventory 30
  • Roles & Values, external 22
  • Roles & Values, internal 26
  • “Safe Water Mark” 9
  • Selves-Care Menu 39
  • Selves-Care Menu Intro 37
  • Selves-Help Ideas 170
  • September 215
  • Staying in “Ship Shape” 10
  • System Mapping Ideas 126
  • System Rewards 298
  • System Safety Plan 8
  • System Trust (Break/Fix) 214
  • System Vision 7
  • United Front 6
  • United Front Process Overview 5
  • United Front - System “Ship” Satisfaction Survey™ 32
  • United Front System “Ship” Satisfaction Survey™ Detail 35
  • Values, Example 20
  • Values, Introduction 21
  • Weekdays 37
  • Weekly Layout 37
  • Weekly Layout Key 38
  • Weekly Planning 37
  • Wishlist 15


These books, articles, papers, etc. influenced the work this planner is based on. Links below are affiliate links to Amazon, we will get a minor kickback, though it will not change your price.

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