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No worries on timing around these parts. The site has been around in its earliest incarnation since 1996 and isn't going away soon : ) Sometimes it takes a while for us to notice authentic comments (there's too much comment spam).

Your statement about ego states was not nonsensical. It's not common knowledge how ubiquitous plurality really is. In internal family systems theory, we can see that Schwartz has noticed how nearly everybody has this plurality in the background. Also look at Freud and Jung; it's obvious that psychology has noticed this while simultaneously making excuses for it and sanctioning only certain kinds of plurality over others.

Due to plural oppression New, it is deeply buried in culture and hidden in plain sight. It's definitely not common knowledge. You don't have anything to apologize about because our society is burying it.

We're all steeped in singular centric culture, and fed this singular centric perspective throughout our lives, so it's not easy to start seeing the plurality that's hanging around everywhere every day.

Some references:

There's one interesting part of the spirituality panel from the 2020 Plural Positivity World Conference, where IIRC Dr. S was talking about plurality in Puerto Rican culture, and how even if it wasn't common in every person, it was commonly accepted and not viewed, in itself, as either good or bad. So individual instances of plurality would be viewed as, let's say, beneficial versus undesirable experiences. And so it was folded into the culture in a much more accepting way in Puerto Rico.

We're also asking someone else with indigenous experience, who has not revealed which tribe they belong to or what culture they're talking about, for an article. They said that nearly everybody in their tribe or in their tribal culture, is plural. They're asking their indigenous elders whether they can share an article about it.

There's a reason that the DSM and other documentation within psychology acknowledges indigenous and cultural plurality as not always being disorderly. There are instances that they've come upon in their research where plurality is actually not that abnormal.

Thank you for your acknowledgement. We really appreciate it. Yes, obviously, this is a passion project for us for many years. Now it's a public service arm of our business. And we are trying hard to make sure that this this site is brought more and more up to date.

However, this site is an open wiki and the community is more than welcome to join in and help update articles. This website has been open edit in the past, and we have still many contributions from other people in the community. Around 2004-2005 those contributions started dropping off and basically the website has been left to us to take care of and keep up to date alone. We wouldn't mind if members of the community decided that they wanted to start help cleaning things up and modernizing it. That would be wonderful.

We do appreciate how many people tell us that this is helpful, because that helps us to know that we're putting our energy and time in the right place. So thank you very much for letting us know that this has been helpful for you

Those diagrams took a long time to sort out properly so all the connections made sense. We used Scapple by Literature and Latte.

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