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TBH this isn't really multiple-based. A lot of these idioms come from the changing 'roles' of a singleton, rather than closeted systems. I think this post actually highlights that, because we're multiples, we see everything through that lens, in the same way that singletons see everything through a singleton lens. We make connections to multiplicity that just aren't there, in the same way that singletons try to relate to multiplicity (You know the phrase "Oh, I kinda have multiple personalities cus I'm different at work and at home etc) OOf it's noisy in here, I hope this made sense. Like, also what you said about the angel and devil concept. It is literally just the Ego, Id and Superego. There's no underlying reference to multiplicity. But, as multiples, we're more likely to look at that image and think "Ahh, that angel reminds me of ___ protector, and the devil is ___ persecutor." - Flo (core)

Comment by The Paracosm on April 05, 2018, at 03:19 PM