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hi, Nami,

Actually, for this site it's almost the other way around. It was founded by Otherkin plurals so most of us viewed headmates as walk-ins or past life folk, etc. there's an entirely separate page on the site for Walk-ins (it was linked in the "See Also" but we can more explicitly link them together to make that more clear.

So the "therapy" alternative is a NEW page on the site recently created, where the Walk-In page was one of the original pages on the site from over a decade ago. ;) Sorry that y'all felt unrepresented. Basically Walk-Ins have existed for millennia where "alters" or "introjects" have only existed as long as psychology.

Thanks for the comment! We'll make sure to back-reference this article to Walk-Ins in case this is their point of entry to the topic. But we won't address the topic much on this page as some folk have spiritual topic traumas.

Comment by Crisses on February 20, 2021