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Hi, Alex,

You're correct, of course — many of these articles were written quite some time ago, not yesterday, and it's quite an overwhelming task to both continue to add to the manual and to painstakingly go over every article to correct errors of the past and update materials when one is also trying to pay the bills ;)

A big hint as to how old this article is is that the OtherkindHosts list is mentioned which hasn't been very active in about 15 years or more. This site is almost 20 years old. Please feel free to rewrite or send correction notes to me at the Contact page or comment on things like you have here so that it brings them to our attention for updating. I'll try to keep this page in mind as I've just worked on about 8 pages today writing stubs and I have to get to other work -- the type that pays the bills!

Very much appreciate it, and not looking to offend anyone.

We also identify as bisexual (or better yet pansexual) — when I get a chance to read the page rather than just your comment, I hope to figure out what's up with that. We may not even have written this page — it may have been a contribution from others and need a whole rewrite.

THANKS!! : )

Comment by XES on February 08, 2018, at 10:24 AM