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Thank you again, Alex. We've marked the article as a stub to make sure we revisit it again, and rewrote the entire page. This website started in 1996 as our personal site, then a few years later was moved to a wiki and these articles were open to the public to edit for many years until too much wikispam made it necessary to password protect the site. We started revisiting and revising articles last year and the checkmarks and "new" marks on links are for us to know what articles we have gone back to and worked on.

Yes, there may be a good deal of binary pronouns. Yes, there may be outdated content. The site is up to 22 years old depending on what you're looking at. A lot has changed in 22 years and we welcome requests to revise troublesome materials as we don't have the time to vet every single article instantaneously at the same time. We're not requesting tolerance, but we are requesting notification and patience and we will eventually get to everything unless we die first as we're already almost 50 years old and with hereditary issues, who knows how long we'll live in this form. : )

Thank you, Crisses

Comment by XES on March 30, 2018, at 07:05 AM