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We are slowly working through this. It's so true that most therapists are most concerned with external world or conforming your inner world which doesn't interest us at all anymore though we tried that way for many years! But this approach of 'as inside so outside" has much better results in our experience.

As for me , regarding what you said about critical feedback, it's not about this being perfect o r not perfect I don't think or even needing improvement because it's great, but just some parts of your approach don't work for us personally as a collective as well. It's impossible for you to address each collective's unique needs obviously, so I just have to pick and choose the parts that are most helpful. But we find this really helpful overall. And as you said in previous podcast, we have some triggers around conformity and we just have to find our own way of approaching things slightly differently or using different phrasing or whatever so that there is less resistance and so it is more effective for us. For one small example (but it's a huge one to us) we never use the word "rules" even though the idea of why you say they are important make sense. We just find our own way to approach it, so as you say we can frame them as guidelines or agreements or even consequences. So many options! : ) Hope that makes sense. Sorry if it was too confusing. Thanks for this resources. We will keep slowly working our way through it.

Comment by Willow(approve sites) on August 08, 2018, at 09:15 PM