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Hi, Willow,

Thanks for the great comment.

Yeah, in our book version (rather than Boot Camp) we're calling it "Articles of Agreement" because that's what it used to be called on pirate ships and we're using a spaceship metaphor. Whatever you end up calling your agreements or guidelines, we feel it's important that everyone agrees on them as well as personally ratifying them/signing on to them. We have those who don't because they can't (not co-aware, not in the here&now). And if anyone refused to both help modify them so they COULD agree, and didn't agree — we couldn't allow them to have (easy) access to front.

The only way we can make stuff work for any/every system is to work 1:1 with everyone. : ) Every system is different and has different hang-ups and triggers and issues. But some issues can be addressed in a more generic way and YES!! by all means customize things so they work for y'all!!

We work 1:1 with people through our life coaching business. That's the best we have — or just general advice via email or social media posts. The hours and hours needed to help customize things for individual systems (and individuals within systems) just isn't possible in cookie-cutter media like podcasts, blog posts or books. ;)

Take great care of yourselves, and please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments! Sorry about the approval delay — we've been traveling.


Comment by Crisses on August 26, 2018, at 09:48 AM