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re: flag: one wouldn't of course draw the patchwork by hand. The idea was to show the diversity even in the diversity. So if you look at our hand-made paper collage 3-D & symbol you can see we did some stuff to make each square of color different in some way. So it will never match the patchwork, but each square on the collage-& is different somehow. Because every plural system is different, and every resident within a plural system is different, etc.

But really decorate you & any way you want, as mentioned in the text about the & symbol being a plural icon it's not about the colors, it's about the &.

Rose: Thanks for the comment! Maybe we'll have to start an email list at some point. There's already so many places to think of to notify people but we will do our best to keep it in mind!!
Comment by Crisses on December 19, 2018, at 06:23 PM