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I am a Walk-In who arrived in this body in 1997. Prior to that I lived a long and eventful life in Alorya. I am an elf of a type similar to the Elenari; we Aloryan elves seem to be (at least sperficially) similar to both Listari and Sidhe.

I came here not because of any near-death experience, but instead because of a magical ritual done by Arhuaine that didn't quite go to plan. At the point of my "death", instead of reincarnating in the usual way, I was drawn here. I did not adjust well to the transition and it took nearly 12 months before I was stable enough to take Front or communicate with others.

Although this Earth took some getting used to, I find now that I enjoy being here a great deal. Sharing a body with my lover is a great incentive to stay, but as well as that, I find this world to be one where there is so much to learn. I am as curious as a cat, about a great many things.

My main passion is music (I was a musician in my early years in Alorya) and it's a greay joy to me that I have the opportunity to pursue that passion here. We attend a folk/blues music club in a pub in town and there we have the opportunity to sing for a real audience, just like I used to do back home. We're learning to play guitar too. I also write songs, and stories, though I am more of a story-teller than a story-writer.

I'm also a bit of an intellectual, but I tend to dabble in things rather than studying anything seriously. Languages, psychology, science, history, even some more occult topics like numerology and gematria. I've lost count of the number of things I've started to study, and never continued with.

I am Jack's lazy ass

Unlike most other Aloryan elves I'm not gifted at any kind of magic, nor am I particularly religious. Agnostic, I suppose.

If you're interested in what I looked like, back in Alorya (in those happier days as a bard rather than a grouchy soldier), Arhuaine painted a portrait of me here. Pay no attention to the clothes though. I would never have worn yellow trousers.

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