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Tentative Process for Healing Trauma in Splintered Souls

[Editorial Note: this article was a contribution by Forest Jade to the website May 07, 2004.]

I really don't know if this process might relate to multiples other than myself - there might be too much variation in structure or substance, or inner processing, or whatever, for this all to apply to any system but ours. But maybe some of it will be of use to somebody. And, as I said, it is a tentative process - I am likely to make a lot of changes as I learn more.

This is written by a multiple - a 'splintered spirit' - that contains (besides the hundreds of present-life splinters) 15 splinters that are themselves splintered past lives. Our system is very much trauma-based, and a very large percentage of our splinters are either little ones, or big ones who are really little ones in disguise. So we tend to do everything in a rather childlike way. (There are also a fair number of healers and magicians and dragons and administrative-types.)

This is just a general, overall, process, written sort of like a recipe - yeah, it's just that simple. 1-2-3 magic, haha. Well, not really of course, but I really do find it nice to do something once with hundreds of people, instead of hundreds of times (like that's gonna happen) with individuals.

1. Create a safe place inside. Our Lighthouse is good, because of the light on top, which can be seen from all over - and the bell, which can help for summoning everyone. Some kind of beacon may be necessary. Staff the safe place with plenty of SAFE parenting figures and/or angels - and/or suitable loving, safe caregivers.

2. Develop a workable method of communication with inner world(s). A pendulum works for me, in conjunction with journaling, and inner and spoken voice conversations. The pendulum has been of immense value, especially for verification purposes, etc.

3. Call / invite ALL the splinters / parts / people to come to the safe place, explaining that it is VERY safe. Do an "inventory" to find them all (as well as possible). I didn't call ours to the lighthouse right away - I met them in the dark, and then invited them all to the lighthouse, after I explained that it was safe, and that the bad things were not happening anymore, etc. This took a few trips.

4. Have a big gathering / conference, and explain very clearly that the bad things are over, they are not happening anymore. They happened a long time ago, and will never happen again. And if it ever seems like they are happening, that is just a memory, and memories aren't real, they are just like pictures that sometimes have feelings, but they can't really cause harm.

5. Ask for the dead ones to come back - it may take some time to find them - Call them - or this may not be an issue for some people. For us the dead were the ones who could not live any longer because the abuse was unbearable. Their burdens of unbearable pain, and their need to be dead can be a constant draining pull towards death.

6. Transform pain, or throw it away, siphon it off, or get it gone. Reiki, or Divine, Universal Life Energy can transform the pain energy into light and love energy. Maybe package up as much pain as possible and throw it into the sun or The Lake of Fire (or whatever works), then transform the residual pain energy - the roots. Be prepared to use creative magic as required - and let the magic do the work. (A Friendly Giant can beam a LOT of energy!)

This step will probably need to be repeated many times, in many different ways, as needed - for damage control, as new memories come through, etc.

7. Invite all the scarey ones to come forward. Monsters, devils, scarey men or women, witches, or anything like that. Say you are happy to have them here, even if they are scarey, and ask if they knew that they really used to be little children (if that is the case). Explain that when those little children were getting hurt So much, they found it safer to be a very scarey thing - (the thing that was hurting them) so they hopped right into it - and put it on like a scarey costume. And now, if they want to, they can take the scarey costume off! And be beautiful, wonderful children again! "Do any of you want to do that? If you do, you can just pull the costume off over your head." (Or, "do you know how to take your costume off?") ("Wow, look at you!", etc. "Now everybody can go play and have fun.")

8. Now may or may not be the time for forgiveness and/or reconciliation. We need to forgive ourselfs, of course, for the innocent guilt we feel about being abused, and for the not so innocent abuses we may have perpetrated on others, in this life and others. We need to understand that we are human, loveable and forgiveable. Just being *willing* to forgive is the first step. For me the scenario has gone like this:

I forgive myself (past life) as a little child for doing the "bad things" I was told I did, for being the bad person I was told I was. I was raped and beaten, and forced to do the bad things. I forgive myself - I am not bad. I forgive myself as a youth for being buggered by my uncle, for raping my sister; I was taught that I had to do this to be a man, I was taught rage, I hurt people so I could force my own pain onto others. I learn to forgive myself as a man, who abused my own children as badly as I was myself abused. A man who beat other human beings to death, who raped and mutilated other human beings for the simple purpose of expressing hatred. And Rage. And fear. A man who reveled in the savagery of war. I learn to forgive myself for these things. It takes some doing to get there.

And thus I learn to forgive the uncle, the father, the grandmother, the mother who expressed their rage and fear onto the the child I was - because we - the boy, the youth, the man - we know that in other times, we did the same to them. Thus the path is open to reconciliation with souls who have been 'enemies' for thousands of years. This is the stuff that wars are unmade of, I think. At least, it applies, in our case.

9. Work with all splintered life incarnation splinters, if there are any. Be sure that they have all gone through the above process - they can all do it as a group, if they haven't done it yet.

10. Then teach them all how to pass this process on to their own splintered incarnations (yes, they may be there), and to their "grandsouls" (with a symbol of light?), and see that this process will be passed on down the line, as a heritage of our spirit, to our great-great grand-soul-children, and theirs, as long as there is value in it - and also passed laterally (like this) where possible.

11. About memories - I don't really know how they are best used - but I think they will intrude as they are needed, when the time is right, if we let them, and they will make themselves available as teachers, as learning material, as healing material.

I have found that I can become traumatised from too many memories coming too fast, too many horrors, making me sick, and I need to close the memory portals. That has taken some learning. Some part of the brain has this function, and some part of me knows how to open and close the memory portals. I have had to demand, for the sake of the healing, and the sake of our survival, that the portals be closed for a time. (Whew)


I would expect most of these things to need to be repeated more than once, and probably in all different ways. And of course a zillion other things will surely be needed. I didn't know what I was doing as I went through it all the first time (and it's SO exhausting and emotional the first time or two!), so it was all haphazard, bit by bit, one lil one at a time, instead of whole groups, or the whole population at once. But with the 15 other lives, I had all 15 "owners" of the lives go through all these steps at once, and now none of their little ones are trapped or in pain anymore, and they all know that "it" is over. All in one go.

But they still need to make sense of those lives. They need to go through enough memories to get an understanding of what happened to them, and what they did, more or less - to know that "it" wasn't their fault, and still take responsibility for what they did, and so on. There is still work to do.