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Advocacy and Peer Support

Mental health peer services employ persons with lived experience with mental health issues trained to help assist persons with mental health issues in crisis. Coming from having had experiences with their own issues, stigma, systems issues in getting proper care, issues of self-advocacy, these people are trained to help navigate the challenges we face every day.

Peer-run non-profits are also a special category of entity. These are non-profits where the staff, officers, and/or board of directors are (mainly) people with disabilities or lived experience with disabilities.

For more information on Peer Services see

United States

New York

  • - peer-run state-wide advocacy group
    • organizes a Legislative Day in Albany NY (next: Tuesday, February 27, 2018)

Hudson Valley

  • Independent Living, Inc. - peer-run cross-disability non-profit with peer services for mental health, bridgers for hospital-to-community transition, peer-run substance abuse recovery, etc.

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