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At the time we didn't notice anything strange going on at all. Everything was normal. Then months later, something happened and things went sour. For some reason a protective mechanism was triggered, and we didn't know it, but memories were being hidden on us, or perhaps deleted. Then we go to a party, and there's a woman there who is calling us by (body) name. We don't remember having met her at all, but something about her seems mildly familiar. We're unable to put a finger on what it is about her that's familiar so we shrug it off. At some point this woman is talking directly to us and stops mid sentence and says "You don't remember me, do you?" No, I don't. She says that at some point she was possibly going to become my roommate. Roommate? I blink inwardly several times trying desperately to remember this, but social convention takes over and we smille reassuringly taking the obviousness of our thoughts from our face where they normally reside, and we make reassuring noises while in the back of our head people are in an uproar turning over the furnishings and asking each other furiously where this memory went. Later we got some vague memories of her coming to our apartment and talking to me and my partner (who backed up her story) and looking at the room for rent, etc. We were embarrassed and worried; we've uncovered many instances of back-editing and are not pleased to say the least. --XES

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