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Do Multiples Exist?

In the field of psychology, they can't make up their mind whether multiples exist--Why should I believe you?

You don't have to believe anything we say. Out of respect for another person's beliefs, it is rude to refute them unless you negotiate a friendly arena for debate and follow rules of courtesy. If a person you know is keeping Kosher, you don't put a slab of porkchop in front of them at dinner. You don't have to accept that this exists, simply accept that we believe it exists. Evidence is almost impossible to procure: try to prove that you think. Prove you have a spirit or a soul. Now you can see why this is difficult to prove.

Well, the mental health community often can not see what is directly in front of their eyes. i knew even long before i had the words to describe the expirence of being many people in one body.some psychitrist can not understand the concept because most everyone comes with 'one' personality' as original equipment and they (the drs) can be very dim witted and rigid in their thinking or accepting reality as we expiriance it. which is sad because they can cause a lot of unneccesary pain. there are though drs who do believe multiples exist and are real. thank the stars for them!

Yes, multiples exist. The denial of this experience is dismissive, ableist, and simply wrong. The pervasive denial of the abuse of children (which is often what causes multiplicity) is the primary reason some people believe multiples do not exist. But here we are, walking, talking, breathing people. Why don't you ask us what we think instead of defaulting to your discomfort response.

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