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Eye Color Changes: Myth or Real?

Do plural's eye colors change when they switch?

Note: this may be a mainly white body thing tied to lighter eye colors, especially hazel.

We believe so. When we were a kid we'd get all kinds of exclamations from folk about our eye color changing. They're between green, grey, a dark ring around the outer edge, more softened at times, and more definite lines radiating from the iris. But also eyes can reflect the colors you're wearing to some degree — so if various folk dress you in the morning, that could also affect how your eye color appears. When we wear green, our eyes seem more green than grey.

But yeah, I think there's some something about this.

And of course singular folk have their own "mood" explanations for this. See "may appear to 'change color'" on this page:

And here a whole article on eye color changes:

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