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"Hosts" are another name for multiples, but it is a term mostly used within the Otherkin community for multiple. With connotations more at "heavenly hosts" or, in other words, a group of people banded together for a common cause. There are also connotations of welcoming people in from outside, as many people in the otherkin multiple community look on themselves as being some blend between splits and having "guests" in their head, whether they are temporary (channeling) or permanent (residents).

This definition directly contradicts the term "host personality" as used in psychology.

When the host's system has otherkin in it, the full proper label would be otherkin host.

The Triad hosts our system right now. Lily*Kim*Rose (left middle right) I can chart where they emmanage from in my brain, where they talk from. Lily is anylitical, linear, the listmaker who keeps us on track, Rose is the creative, she dresses us and sees things holistically. Kim is the name of the birth person, she sits slightly behind and above the other 2 and blends to form conclusions.

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