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A resident of a system that is inspired by, identified with, pulled into or pushed into the system from an externalized source. The term is sourced from psychology, not from the community.

Introjects are, in itself, neither good nor bad. A multiple system is generally quite malleable and adaptable, and "borrowing" traits, features, or even entire identities from external sources is not an uncommon phenomenon amongst multiples. If someone else seems to have an easier time dealing or coping, protecting themself, nurturing themself or others, or throwing their power around better than the system is (as a few examples), the system may unconsciously adapt or adopt traits or profiles that appear more successful in terms of system survival.

For a similar spiritual concept see Walk-Ins.

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We view our introjects from a spiritual perspective- we consider them akin to soulbonds or walk-in souls. We understand that not every system finds this to be their experience but I am wondering if it is worth representing the spiritual perspective as an alternative perhaps? Additionally, we have a great deal of fictives/soulbonds and there are concerns they face specific to their general life circumstances. We are currently in the process of authoring a series of articles discussing the general situation surrounding fictivity, the constraints fictives face, and perhaps steps that might be more healthy going forward. The only one we have currently finished is a personal account, and I am not sure there is a place for that kind of content in this sort of space, but I will link to it regardless: (for context, I spoke to one (or more) of you& on twitter and was told it was alright to send links in comments)

Comment by Nami of Sharetheworld on February 18, 2021

hi, Nami,

Actually, for this site it's almost the other way around. It was founded by Otherkin plurals so most of us viewed headmates as walk-ins or past life folk, etc. — there's an entirely separate page on the site for Walk-ins (it was linked in the "See Also" but we can more explicitly link them together to make that more clear.

So — the "therapy" alternative is a NEW page on the site recently created, where the Walk-In page was one of the original pages on the site from over a decade ago. ;) Sorry that y'all felt unrepresented. Basically Walk-Ins have existed for millennia where "alters" or "introjects" have only existed as long as psychology.

Thanks for the comment! We'll make sure to back-reference this article to Walk-Ins in case this is their point of entry to the topic. But we won't address the topic much on this page as some folk have spiritual topic traumas.

Comment by Crisses on February 20, 2021

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