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What types of Multiples are there?

  1. Aspected - used generally to refer to people who can purposefully switch their aspect to suit their moods. Sometimes called "faceted".
    1. Past Life - someone who defines aspects along lines of separate lives (ie: "aspecting along past life lines" or "past-life aspect")
    2. Form - someone who defines aspects along lines of separate physical forms/races
  2. Split - someone who has actually divvied up mental resources into separately-acting persons. These are not people who joined the system from outside the body.
    1. Past Life - someone who has split along lines of separate past-lives (ie. "past-life split")
    2. Form - someone who has split along lines of separate forms
    3. Trauma Model -- someone who has split along lines of functionality, often (but not always) in response to traumatic events. This is the typical psychological definition of multiplicity.
  3. Host-Multiple - a physical entity occupied by one or more persons not genetically linked to the body. (commonly called "Host" for short, but not to be confused with the psychologist's term 'host' for the base personality in a multiple)
    1. Otherkin Host: a Host situation where one or more of the entities in the body are non-human in nature.
    2. Walk-In - Someone who joins the body well after birth...
    3. Analog - same person/s, different reality/dimension/universe
    4. Channeled - person has a hotline into your head...or has found out your phone number...not necessarily resident...temporary guest
    5. Natural Multiple - Some sorts of multiplicity may be genetic or perhaps some people are just 'born that way' -- before or at birth, in early infancy or early childhood before there is trauma, a bunch of people moved in. A reincarnated group of spirits, for instance.
    6. Everyday Multiplicity - it may just be that several equally valid identities develop throughout childhood and you end up with several separate people all sharing the same body from a very early age with no trauma explanation.

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