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Content Warning: This page is discussing possession. It will contain religious references and spiritual references and may not be suitable if you have issues of RA/SRA. Sensitive words being commented out will stop people who need this info from finding it. :( So we will not be blocking the words on this page in the hopes of helping people around the world who are accused of possession get better access and care when their culture around them accuses them of being possessed when they are instead DID, OSDD or some other type of plural.

this info needs to be reviewed and updated for accuracy. CW added in 2019.

What is it that sets a "Host" apart from someone "demonically possessed"?

One major difference lies in the respect that everyone involved has for the situation. A host situation is just that: The other spirits in the body are "guests" and should treat the body and other residents with tremendous respect. Since this doesn't always work out perfectly, Multiples and Hosts often need to establish 'house rules' that can be enforced so that the stability of the system is ensured, and work out a decision making process for the system.

The difference between hosting and possession can be best compared to the difference between someone being invited to move into your house, and someone who has trespassed and is squatting. The squatter need not be hostile, and in many hosting situations what was *once* a squatting situation has been turned around into a hosting situation -- like finding the runaway teen in your attic and after determining that they are nonhostile but really need a place to stay, and no where else to go, you allow them to transform the attic into their room and they become a welcome member of the family.

Hostile breaking & entering can always be treated much like a hostile entry into one's home, although -- as everything else in life -- there are myriad options on how to handle the situation.

Please note that there are paths out there which view posession as a positive expression of spirituality. The statements above are not meant to represent that form of posession, nor are they intended to disrespect or invalidate such paths. For more information about such paths, I've asked a friend to include information on Voudou, and I hope that future inclusions of similar information that shed a favorable culturally rich light on phenomenon similar to and indicitive of Western multiplicity will be included on the site. If you have such information and would like to include it on the website, please let me know. -- XES

We have had a possession incident, that is still ongoing. A Dinosaurian spirit entered, and is dominating. It's similar to therianthropy in many ways. The Crew is working on a way to utilize the spirit's power for good.--Superhuman Crew.

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