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Professional and Scientific References

Scientific and professional references. Essentially just a place to track articles that may be of interest.

Professional References

For clinicians who are unfamiliar with DID therapy and treatment. People with DID may find they are working with a therapist or clinicians who are unfamiliar with DID. This is a short list of resources they can work with to familiarize themselves with DID issues and treatment.

Reference Books

See also Resources.Books.

There are several conferences every year.

Note: Many DID specialists are willing to provide clinical supervision for therapists that are working with DID clients.

Disclaimer: book links are Amazon affiliate links. We get a tiny kickback if someone orders from the link, but it does not change your price.

fMRI Studies

Physiological Issues in DID

(mind-over-body, subconscious influence over the body, dissociation over body, etc.)

Documentation Regarding "Developing DID" in Adulthood

  • Department of Veterans Affairs - DID acquired via military service - document 1 and document 2. Note these documents still show that the petitioner (for Veteran's Affairs financial coverage of mental health services) had very significant childhood abuse and trauma issues, but that symptoms didn't warrant intervention or diagnosis before retraumatization in the military, thus due to military service "aggravating" a pre-existing (but undiagnosed) condition, the mental health services were covered (for PTSD & DID in 2005, for all related psychiatric needs in 2009 appeal). Thus there are technicalities in this case where the psychiatric condition was neither diagnosed or diagnosable prior to the veteran's military service.

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