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Professional and Scientific References

Scientific and professional references. Essentially just a place to track articles that may be of interest.

Professional References

For clinicians who are unfamiliar with DID therapy and treatment. People with DID may find they are working with a therapist or clinicians who are unfamiliar with DID. This is a short list of resources they can work with to familiarize themselves with DID issues and treatment.

Reference Books

See also Resources.Books.

There are several conferences every year.

Note: Many DID specialists are willing to provide clinical supervision for therapists that are working with DID clients.

Disclaimer: book links are Amazon affiliate links. We get a tiny kickback if someone orders from the link, but it does not change your price.

fMRI Studies

Physiological Issues in DID

(mind-over-body, subconscious influence over the body, dissociation over body, etc.)

See Also

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