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What's with the green checkmark and the red "**new**"?

We came back after a 10-year hiatus and started to work on revamping our massive site

There's a lot of outdated content that could use freshening up, plus plenty new content to add. Right now (January 2019), we have 51 stub articles to update and 11 unfinished draft articles. That's just the ones we have tagged or the articles we've started and not finished yet. There's plenty more content to add to the site.

To help us to know what needs to be looked at for revisions, we programmed the site to automatically add tags to every intra-site link that has been at least looked at.

The Green Checkmark

This tag should be on every link that we have added some type of recent content (i.e. using the page file last modified date on the web server).

These checked links are hopefully fresher content. With the caveat that it earns a checkmark even if we just add a link to the page to cross-reference it to another page, or mark the article as a "Stub" article that is incomplete. So the green checkmark is still no guarantee that we went over everything on the page with a fine-toothed comb, nor even that the article is finished. Time is our one finite commodity.

There is a history for each page (generally going back to around 2003 — content before then is definitely "legacy" and either authors signed it or didn't), but for security reasons we disabled that view for the public, but we can go back and check the "diffs" on specific pages for what has been changed and on what date; that is tracked by the server. If former authors identified themselves by name (rather than a pseudonym or anonymously), we can see who made the changes as well. The Crisses contributed most content, and many contributors signed their work in-page (but not all).

The Red "**new**" Mark

We have added a "new" tag for every page that has been created recently (i.e. using the page file creation date on the web server). Unless otherwise attributed, or in a sub-site specific to another system, these are content by The Crisses.

What this means

This site has had dozens of contributors over the years. And comments are available on most pages on the site. If you see something wrong or misleading, confusing, or have contentyou'd like to have added to a page, (such as your opinion, example, or info to add to a Stub New (unfinished) article) please either comment on the page itself, or use our contact form and give us the link to the page/article that you'd like to comment on.

If people contribute by looking at pages/articles without checkmarks or the "New" tag to help determine what needs to be tweaked or updated, it will help with the effort to bring the site up to date for this decade. Even just looking at one page will help!

Thank you for your time and patience. We have a lot going on and this is an enormous project (which does not pay the bills).

The Crisses

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