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If you're of 'so many minds' on topics, how can you get anything done?

Each system works out a method for tackling their problems and making up their (group) mind. It can range from anarchy, to a weighted system dependent on people's needs, to a democratic vote, or a committee of people with seniority for whatever reason. In some cases, there are only two people in the committee, which makes this process easier, and in others it's left entirely up to the person who is Front to decide what to do at a given moment.

For us, time sharing has come to mean sititng down and figuring out how to divvy up time with the body, often because certain people want to do things. Sometimes we write it down. More often, the person who has something "scheduled" won't let us forget. Sometimes, we have to settle disputes by stopping and taking a vote on which is more productive for the system as a whole, and very often the more responsible members have to take control and point out that, while it might be more fun to watch eight straight hours of television, the house needs cleaned, and there's still that essay that's due next week that no one's stepped forward to take charge of. In a sort of haphazard democratic way, we manage to work things out so that almost everybody's happy, and that, more importantly, we're keeping things on track with our shared lives. —Lucien of Ariel

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