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Panic Reactions (012) Transcript

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<voices overlapping, music in background>
Oh! Good morning oh! Do we have to get up?
Keep it down; Im trying to sleep.
Yeah, we want to make that recording.
What are we going to record today?
What? What recording?
You know, the one about multiplicity.
You know, the usual were trying to make a difference in the world or something.
Oh, yeah.
Well I just really wanna help people!
I have no idea what to say.
Im sure theres a lot of people out there who have really good questions, and need really good answers.
Why talk to them? Its not like anybody gives a shit.
Well what makes us an authority?
I dont really think it matters how long weve been multiple, or how long weve known were multiple were multiple!
<Aliessa laughs richly>

Welcome to Many Minds on the Issue, the podcast about Dissociative Identity Disorder, by and for multiples, hosted by The Crisses.

Panic Reactions: 8 Important F-Words

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