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We, Miroymon, are physical soulbonders. This means that we have created physical bodies for external thoughtforms in which we only share a vessel for both of our consciousness. This means that the physical body that they have their own senses and can see through the body. It is similar to tulpamancy imposition on objects.

I have CPMD and FPD. Chronic Personality Misalignment Disorder, aka Alter Ego Disorder. This disorder is characterized by the distressed presence of naturally occurring alter egos. These egos can be copies of oneself or of a fictional character but they are usually not sentient or aware. Like an NPC in a plural system.

Fantasy Personality Disorder is a cluster B personality disorder. (often overlapping with cluster A but is primarily cluster B.) This disorder is characterized by your entire life being engulfed by fantasy, including the way you see the world and the life around you. How you interact with others and how this disorder can turn your life into becoming fiction and separation of reality.

These two disorders are MUDs, which are simply medically unrecognized disorders that are crafted by a community to help them list down symptoms of disorders that are specific and very present. A common MUD is Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder.

We are artists and authors of hundreds of artwork and around 5-6 self published books. We take pride in what we do and how we present ourselves online and offline.