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Abuse by Proxy and Instructor Bias

Not all abuse of persons with dissociative disorders is direct. Neglect is a form of abuse, and can be passed on to plural persons by proxy through supervisory staff, and lack of sufficient training.

  • Materials regarding DID and/or dissociative disorders may be repressed or not presented at all by biased instructors and trainers, thus leading to under-informed professionals
  • Supervisors and institutions may repress this information as well, whether or not the instructor is willing to educate their students about dissociative disorders
  • Instructors may deliver materials about dissociative disorders with their biases against it, thus teaching bias to their student population against scientific evidence
  • Biased supervisors may pressure case workers, peer support specialists, nurses, and other staff in contact with people with DDs to be neglectful in their care of persons with dissociative disorders (saying they're faking it, they're not to spend so much time with them, giving orders contradictory to proper care for a trauma client, etc.)
  • Outdated materials, theories, studies, models, and treatment modalities may be disseminated to students as opposed to the latest information and evidence-based practices
  • Bias-confirming films, video clips, news stories, and media images may be distributed or required by instructors
  • Equal time or more time may be given to the critiques and biases against dissociative disorders than to the body of evidence that supports their existence
  • Bias may cause professionals to push persons with DDs out of therapy or out of a care environment, whether because they're thought to be faking it, malingering, or because their trauma is "too much" for the setting to handle
  • This entire list can be repeated for victims of SRA/RA and other more drastic and specific forms of trauma and the biases against both the experiences (and whether they are true) and the reluctance to deliver the level of assistance a person who is the victim requires

These biases and complete blackouts can be passed along in degree programs, trauma trainings, certification programs, continuing education programs, and more or found in any clinical or supportive environment.

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