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Intersections with and Divergences from Other Rights Movements

The Plural Movement isn't arising out of nowhere. Our issues are issues other groups have had in the past, that there have been citizen push-backs against, and we have been handed a taste of more freedom, less stigma, more respect, more choices, more autonomy, more independence, from those who came before us.

Plurality can be present in any person, of any age, of any race. Plurality also intersects with having many identities, and those identities such as gender, attraction, religion, etc. can be different between individuals in our plural system. We may both experience being part of the mainstream, and part of those oppressed, we may experience giving way, and we may experience liberation.

This section goes into how the issues of other rights movements have connected with and intersected with plural rights, making these others rights movements the progenitors of our own movement.

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