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Liberated Life Coaching

Offering 1:1 life coaching services for plurals and their allies by The Crisses.

Life coaching is client-centered, client-led, forward-facing work. The philosophy is centered around client empowerment: coaching recognizes that you do the work, not the coach. The coach provides frameworks, asks tough questions, provides insights like a mirror reflecting back at you what may be going on that you cannot see without assistance. You decide what to work on, how quickly, and whether to apply ideas or principles in practice in your life.

In the case of life coaching for plurals & DID systems, it complements stabilization work in therapy, and can help accelerate progress when therapy is stuck. It also can help folk achieve functional multiplicity and move on with life goals before trauma work is tackled.

Coaching can serve as a complimentary service to therapy, or as a stand-alone adjunct to self-help work for systems who cannot or will not seek therapy, but it does not replace licensed professional services or crisis counseling or care. The Crisses will, if desired, work in concert with your professional team.

Coaching is non-crisis forward-facing support and assistance for folk looking to plan, move forward, remove obstacles, work on people-problems within their system, and make rapid progress on stabilization tasks such as meeting headmates, working on internal community, shifting inner world focus to be more nurturing for system kids, coming up with internal agreements, improving internal communication skills, leveraging their inner world for improving functionality and continuity, etc.

This does not replace or replicate trauma work, resolving C-PTSD issues, etc. Coaching is definitely not therapy. However, there may be times where the work done through coaching is very therapeutic and the work done in coaching may result in lowered anxiety and symptoms. This is not up to the coach or the process. It's up to your& system.

Note: This is a sliding-scale pay or barter business. There may be limited full or partial scholarship opportunities for those who cannot do barter or pay. The Crisses also offers free, sliding-scale, or low-cost group coaching courses and self-led self-paced courses based on coaching group curriculums at