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Multifaceted Journeys (link) is a plural-owned Private Ministerial Association focused on helping people reconnect with their natural ability to discern for themselves what path to take and live from a place of authenticity and purpose.

We provide a variety of in-person (San Francisco Bay Area, California) and online support groups. Some groups we do are Plural Providers, General Plural Support Group, Mental Health Advanced Directives and Advocating with Providers, Art, and Fiction Writing.

We also provide one on one consultation and trainings for therapists and providers who are seeking a better understanding of plurality, complex ptsd, and dissociation. We draw on our clinical training and over 20 years in therapy as a client.


  • Therapist Finding Coaching
  • Plural Support Groups
  • Plural Providers Groups
  • Lived Experience Consultations for therapists
  • Art and Fiction Writing
  • Coaching and support for filling out Psychiatric Advanced Directive and Advocating with Providers Coaching

Reconnect with your& natural ability to discern for yourselves what path to take. Live from a place of authenticity and purpose.