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[Drama/Fiction] A movie starring Kevin Spacey (Prot) and Jeff Bridges (the psych) about a man in a mental hospital with extraordinary claims to being from another planet. The psych finds his story and evidence so convincing he can't tell whether the man is a nutcase or for-real. See the review for more information, and beware the spoiler warnings.
Fight Club
[Action/Drama/Fiction] Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Tyler Durdam), about a man who is struggling with his identity and tumultuous life events throwing off the societally-imposed chains that bind him and exploring a militant counter-culture. Beware the spoiler warnings.


Multiple Personalities
[Documentary] An HBO documentary on multiplicity. Shows the lives of three multiples. Very mainstream psych focused documentary, in that it is assumed that all multiples are caused by severe childhood abuse. Can be purchased here.
I saw this when I was still in HS, and hadn't yet even begun to really look into channeling. I only remember vague bits and pieces, so I can't say whether or not I recommend this video, in good conscience. I do however want to see it again, or hear from someone who has seen it recently. --Arashi

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