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This page outlines appropriate content for various sections of the wiki, including the wiki structure.

  1. Main Groups - if you read through the wiki documentation (see PmWiki area of the sidebar on the left), you will find out how to create new groups on the wiki. Please have some care in what groups you create, or the content may be moved by the administrator. If you create your own Personal Group (see below) under your own name or group/host name then you can feel free to create your own content and pages within the group.
    1. Main - Main is reserved for Multiplicity: The Missing Manual and it's pages.
    2. Resources - if you study the architecture of the Resources section it works like this:
      1. News - A subsite that allows people to post announcements for the community.
        1. OAN - A subsite dedicated to the Otherkin Announcement Newsletter and it's archives.
    3. Wiki - a section of the wiki specifically about working on this wiki.
  2. Personal Groups aka "Sub-Sites" in the SideBar
Note: If you have problems posting to the site for any reason, you may contact Crisses, the site maintainer (see Crisses/EmailMe). There are certain links and domain names that are blocked from creating links. If something you need to write is blocked, let me know.

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