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Here are some guidelines that you need to know to contribute to the wiki. If you have questions, please EmailMe. Thanks.

  • What you write should be things you don't mind being read by the general public. This site is accessible to the public.
  • You really need to keep an open mind to read stuff on this site.
  • Don't preach at me or other people, about anything. Tupperware, Alcoholics Anonymous, religion, or whatever. This is NOT a chat board. The Otherkind-Hosts list is the appropriate place for discussions, and we can always answer the door when Jehovah's Witnesses call to get preached at.
  • There are some features here for passwords and levels of security that we could have in place if there's a need. If you want to have your own Group to exemplify your system or for host-relevant material, a password for the Group can be created and thus you can be the only person that edits the pages in your own Group. Please EmailMe to talk about this option.

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