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by the Crisses

And to our detractors, to the therapists, to the experimenters, the researchers, those who wish to take a census, those who want to victimize us again: There’s more of us out there than you’ll ever know. Many of us hide from you, or you’ve made us feel embarrassed by your closely-defined boxes that try to rigidly define us, or perhaps we’re blissfully unaware no matter how many times we found new clothes in our closet we swear we never bought and we refuse to closely scrutinize the charges on our credit card. Those of us who were victimized before refuse to get caught again, and guess what? It’s our right. Perhaps we don’t need your blessings, your justification, your ridicule, your treatment plans, your medications, your denial, your covering up for the abusers, your brainwashing, your cubby-holing, your insistence that we aren’t people, your insistence that we conform. You can take your FMS and your ISSD and your MPD and your DID and you can put them away because we’re perfectly capable of sorting things out without your help, without your excuses, without your dogmas and your theories.

You can claim that we don't exist, that we're the manufacture of psychologists, that memories cannot be hidden away then later rediscovered, that there are not as many people out there abusing children as statistics would have you believe, that we're just looking for attention, that we're victims not of childhood abuse but of psychology's greed and need to be the hero in the arena of severe mental illness.

However, those are just your claims, and no amount of proof from any organization is going to change the fact that when I look inside and see my internal family, I smile. Every day I wake up and live my life with my most favorite friends on the planet.

Every day we look on our collective dreams and hopes and desires and come up with a plan for how to keep going and tackle breaking that big joyous goal into manageable steps and activities. Then we delegate the tasks and get on with our day. All of this takes place mostly subconsciously in the span of a few breaths.

We are a modern marvel of communication and productivity. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are every corporation's CEO's wet dream for an assistant, because we can get stuff done, we can handle any task or problem thrown at us, we learn faster than our singleton peers, we have a swiss-army-knife of skills and personae for any situation that life hands us, and while it's not the best idea, we can multitask quite well, as long as it can be handled by a single body. Once we get over our weak points and our frailties, learn how to handle stress and keep from getting overwhelmed, we're precious beings who love to use our unique strengths.

And you won't find that as the prize in the psychology cracker-jack-box.

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