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by the Crisses

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To book authors, movie directors, screenplay writers, actors, readers, movie-goers, and others who are part of our so-called fan-base who love when our differences are put on parade; you donít know us. Stop pretending.

You have no idea who we are, what itís like, what being multiple "really" looks like. You think of instant wardrobe changes like Clark Kent coming out of a telephone booth in his Superman leotard, or perhaps you see stark and outstanding shifts as portrayed in the movies, or some anti-establishment Fight Club cult leader, and you donít try not even a little bit to be realistic about it. You continue to make a mockery of our lives, explode them into made-for-TV mockumentaries and box-office exploding ticket machines at our expense, continue to fabricate this fiction and this fear and this hatred at who and what we are, and blow out of proportion our level of self-control and self-knowledge and inner policing, and continue to blow our lives out of proportion — because frankly the truth is pretty boring.

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