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Building Co-consciousness

Description: If you have barely any connections or communications with your headmates, through to being able to communicate but needing to explicitly share information rather than knowing or sharing what is going on in the Here & Now easily and readily, or having shared memory and information ability, this is a series of self-help resources to help you build system awareness, communication and information-sharing.

This article is a .

Quickly, until we get a chance to flesh this out more — we recommend starting by working on better communication skills, then start weaving in some basic system mapping work and practicing communication skills. While doing that that, brush up on system trust issues New as well or along the way. You can weave these ideas together go round-robin around the skills building in the communication article, try out different types of maps, and listen to an episode of working on building trust.

Y'all may need to go back and re-listen as more people become aware enough to listen to the podcast episodes, or take some good notes so that folk can easily review them. But sometimes folk need to hear things for themselves.

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