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System Trust Issues

Description: Many systems have fumbled without direction and stepped on their internal's toes. Sometimes we aren't sure how to handle situations and do the best we can, fumbling in the dark — but also we can get lousy advice and hurt our internal relationships. It may seem like there's nothing we can do to help heal these mistakes, miscommunications occur frequently, or we have eroded trust to the point that there are outright wars in our system. When you have run out of ideas for how to repair internal relationships so you can work on healing other issues and problems, this self-help series is for you. This podcast series (transcripts available) by the Crisses helps systems with continual internal disagreements, factioning, wars, or when you think that you have no good options left to work together with other system members.

It's difficult living with a bunch of people who have PTSD. Here's our podcast series (transcripts available) on how to work on system trust issues, when people aren't getting along in your plural/multiple system:

Also, note that now The Crisses has incorporated these episodes into a sliding-scale self-led coaching course with additional content, exercises, etc. called United Front: Building Trust course.

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